Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
30 Papers presented by Prof. Bhat, K.S.

1. Bhat, K.S.: Interrogating English as a Global Language. (Inaugural address). Nat. Seminar on English Language Teaching in Rural India: Challenges and Opportunities. Dept. of English, Bharathi College, Bharathipura, Karnataka . 28 Mar 2019.

2. Bhat, K.S.: Gandhi and modernity debate. (Keynote). Seminar on Multifaceted Mahatma: Revisiting Gandhi. Dept. of English, Goa University. 26 Mar 2019.

3. Bhat, K.S.: Travel writing. (Valedictory Address). Outgoing PG & UG students function. GRG Women’s College, Coimbatore. 7 Mar 2019.

4. Bhat, K.S.: Food: Foregrounding politics, culture and identity. (Keynote). Nat. Seminar on Food is Not a Curry: Raison d'etre of Food in Literature. Periyar University, Salem. 29-30 Jan 2019.

5. Bhat, K.S.: Historicising realism: Issues and perspectives. (Keynote). Paper Reading Competition on Refreshing and Redefining the Cultural Milieu through Indian Writing in English: A Teen Perspective. Dept. of English, DMC, Mapusa. 10 Jan 2019.

6. Bhat, K.S.: Rethinking popular culture: Issues & perspectives. (Invited Lecture). Armando Menezes Endowment Lecture Series. Dept. of English, Karnatak University, Dharwad. 28 Mar 2018.

7. Bhat, K.S.: Reimagining english in the context of globalization. (Keynote Address). Nat. Conf. on Revisiting Higher Education, Culture Studies, English Language and Literature Teaching. CES College, Cuncolim, Goa. 24 Mar 2018.

8. Bhat, K.S.: Modernity in Indian context: Issues and perspectives. (Keynote Address). Nat. Seminar on Tradition, Continuity & Change: Goan Society in Transition(s). Dept. of English, Goa University. 15 Mar 2018.

9. Bhat, K.S.: The discourse of resistance and popular culture: Revisiting indian cinema & television. (Keynote Address). Nat. Conf. on Literature & Cinema. B.R. Ambedkar College, Hubballi, Karnataka. 20 Jan 2018.

10. Bhat, K.S.: Gender representation in contemporary indian popular culture. (Keynote Address). Nat. Conf. on Contemporary Visual Culture & The Politics of Images. Dept. of English, Kerala University College, Thiruvananthapuram. 8-9 Jan 2018.

11. Bhat, K.S.: Narrative of survival: Challenges faced by Tulu and other Indian languages in modern India. (Invited Lecture). . Abbkka Tulu Research Centre, Bantwala, Karnataka. 4 Jan 2018.

12. Bhat, K.S.: Rethinking the dynamics of the relationship between literature and history. (Keynote Address). Nat. Conf. on Rethinking Karnataka History through Ancient Kannada Literature. Venkatramana College, Bantwala, Karnataka. 3 Jan 2018.

13. Bhat, K.S.: Kannada popular culture. (Plenary Talk). Nat. Conf. on Introducing Cultural Studies. Dept. of English, Tumkur University, Karnataka. 25 Nov 2017.

14. Bhat, K.S.: Listening for the Silences: Reimagining the Subaltern. (Keynote Address). Nat. Seminar on Subaltern Reflections in Indian Writing in English and Translation. Dnyanprassarak Mandal's College, Mapusa. 28-29 Apr 2017.

15. Bhat, K.S.: How to Read a Poem. (Keynote Address). Nat. Workshop on Critical Reading. Rani Channamma University, Belagavi. 6 Apr 2017.

16. Bhat, K.S.: Historicising Travel. (Inaugural Address). Seminar on Goa through the Travellers' Lens. Department of English, Goa University. 30 Mar 2017.

17. Bhat, K.S.: Popular Culture in India. (Plenary Talk). Nat. Seminar on Cultural Studies. Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati. 24-25 Mar 2017.

18. Bhat, K.S.: Theorising Popular Culture. (Keynote Address). Nat. Seminar on New Horizons in Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies. Kisan Veer Vidyalaya, Satara, Maharashtra. 15 Feb 2017.

19. Bhat, K.S.: Thou Art Free: The Shifting Dynamics in Shakespeare Criticism. Nat. Conf. on Revisiting Shakespeare 400 Years After. K.G. Joshi College of Arts, Thane, Maharashtra. 13-14 Jan 2017.

20. Bhat, K.S.: Issues in cultural studies . (Special Talk). Nat. Seminar on Modern Literary Theories. Institute of Advanced Studies in English, Pune. 5-6 Mar 2016.

21. Bhat, K.S.: Of half girlfriends and glass palaces: Situating 21st Century Indian fiction in English . (Keynote Address). Nat. Seminar on 21st Century Indian Writing in English. Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. 4 Mar 2016.

22. Bhat, K.S.: The Spectre of Postmodernism . (Keynote Address). Int. Conf. on Postmodern Literature. Dept. of English, Mumbai University. 26 Dec 2015.

23. Bhat, K.S.: How to do cultural studies . (Valedictory Address). Nat. Seminar on The Application of Literary Theories in Teaching of Literature in UG Courses. JCBM College, Sringeri, Karnataka. 21-22 Aug 2015.

24. Bhat, K.S.: Inclusion of Tulu Language in the Eighth Schedule: Problems and Challenges . (Keynote Address). Nat. Seminar on Tulu Language. Dept. of Kannada, Mumbai University. 2 Aug 2015.

25. Bhat, K.S.: Cultural studies: Basic premises and preoccupations. Keynote. Nat. Conf. on Cultural Studies: Explorations into the Forms of Power. Wadia College, Pune. 26-27 Mar 2015.

26. Bhat, K.S.: Method in madness: Research methodology in literary and cultural studies. Keynote. Nat. Seminar on Perspectives in Research Methodology: English Literature and Language. Vivekanand College, Kolhapur. 25 Mar 2015.

27. Bhat, K.S.: Whither Indian writing in English?. Inaugural address. Nat. Conf. on Mapping the Matrix of Contemporary Indian Literature in English. Dhempe College, Miramar. 24 Mar 2015.

28. Bhat, K.S.: Teaching English through literature: Issues and perspectives. Keynote. Nat. Seminar on Creative Ways of Teaching Language and Literature. Venutai Chavan College, Karad. 16 Feb 2015.

29. Bhat, K.S.: Interrogating English in the context of globalization. Keynote. Nat. Seminar on English Language and Globalization. KVN Naik College, Nashik. 13-14 Feb 2015.

30. Bhat, K.S.: English as a global language: Ideology and power. (Valedictory Address). Nat. Seminar on Teaching Language Through Literature: Feasibility of a Holistic Approach. MGM College, Udupi. 9 Jan 2015.