Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
19 Papers presented by Prof. Desai, P.S.

1. Desai, P.S.: Political Orientations of Lingayat Community. Nat. Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Indian Politics. Bangalore University, Bangalore. 22-23 Feb 2019.

2. Desai, P.S.: Nationalist thought in modern India: Exploration of the idea of freedom. Nat. Seminar on National Movement in Princely States. S.R. Kanthi College, Mudhol, Karnataka. 3 Mar 2018.

3. Desai, P.S.: Human rights and modern Indian political thought. Nat. Seminar on Rethinking Human Rights in Modern Era. Gangavathi Bhyagyamma Rural Degree College, Huvinahadagali, Karanataka. 24 Jan 2018.

4. Desai, P.S.: Community and state politics: A study of Lingayts. Nat. Seminar on Theorising State Politics in India: Challanges and Promises. Osmania University, Hyderabad/ICSSR-SRC. 17-18 Nov 2017.

5. Desai, P.S.: Exploring the modern in medieval: Political ideas of Basava. Nat. Seminar on Indian Political Thought. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, New Delhi. 26 Oct 2017.

6. Desai, P.S.: Indian Response to the Human Rights: Towards Change or Continuity?. Nat. Seminar on Relevance of Human Rights in the Indian Context. Lingaraj College, Belgaum, Karnataka. 30 Mar 2017.

7. Desai, P.S.: The Idea of India: Ambedkar’s Struggle and Vision. Nat. Seminar on Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R.Ambedkar's Vision for Modern India. Rani Chennamma University, Belgaum, Karnataka. 4 Nov 2016.

8. Desai, P.S.: Narrating Nation. (Invited Lecture). Refresher Course. UGC-HRD Centre, Goa University. 10 Aug 2016.

9. Desai, P.S.: India as a Nation. (Invited Lecture). Refresher Course. UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Goa University, Goa. 10 Aug 2016.

10. Desai, P.S.: State of philosophy and theory in Indian social science research. Nat. Seminar on Research Methodology in Social Sciences. Catholicate College, Pathanmthitta, Kerala. 25-27 Feb 2015.

11. Desai, P.S.: Judiciary and other organs of the Government in India: Critical reflections on recent developments. Nat. Seminar on Criminalization of Politics and Judicial Review. KLE Society's SVS Bellubbi College, Saundatti, Belgaum District. 23-24 Jan 2015.

12. Desai, P.S.: Human rights of marginalized: Need for new understandings?. Nat. Seminar on Human Rights in Goa, India and the World: Issues & Initiatives. P.E.S College, Ponda, Goa. 28-29 Nov 2014.

13. Desai, P.S.: Assertion of Lingayat identity: From Egalitarian idealism to compromising conservatism. Nat. Seminar on Identity Politics and India's Democracy. K.L.E society's Lingaraj College Belagaum. 13 Oct 2014.

14. Desai, P.S.: Reforming elections in India: A look at the State funding. Nat. Seminar on Election Reforms for Stable Democracy. S.S. Arts College, Sankeshwar, Belgaum. 7-8 Sep 2014.

15. Desai, P.S.: Elections and Electoral Reforms: Some Questions on their Effectiveness and Success. Nat. Sem. Electoral Reforms in India. Dept. of Studies in Political Science, Davangere, Karnataka. 26 Mar 2014.

16. Desai, P.S.: Protest and Dissent in India: Towards Anarchy or Democracy. Int. Sem. Globalisation, Human Rights and Democracy. Milagres College, Kallianpur, Karnataka. 6-7 Mar 2014.

17. Desai, P.S.: Role of people’s movement in making Parliament ‘for the people’: Recent Experiments in India. Nat. Conf. on India’s Political Economy in Transition: The Crisis of Governance, Democracy and Development. Dept. of Political Science, Goa University with Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla and Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi. 21-22 Dec 2013.

18. Desai, P.S.: Role of Civil Society in making Parliament ‘for the people’: Recent Experiments in India. Nat. Sem. Parliament at Sixty: Analysis of the working of Indian Parliament. R.T.E Society’s Arts, Science and Commerce College, Ranebennur, Karnataka. 20-21 Sep 2013.

19. Desai, P.S.: Experiment of Resistance against Corruption in India: Observations and Responses on the recent method and approach. Nat. Sem. Lokpal Bill: Pros and Cons. A.R.G College, Davanagere, Karnataka. 13 Jul 2013.