Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
2 Papers presented by Prof. Nasnodkar, M.R.

1. Kangane, J.; Nayak, G.N.; Tiwari, A.K.; Nasnodkar, M.R.: Paleoclimate reconstruction through the study of sediment component, clay minerals and metals in last 7500 years on the continental shelf of Western Bay of Bengal. Nat. Conf. on Sedimentation, Tectonics, Mineral Resources and Sustainable Development & 36th Convention of Indian Association of Sedimentologists. Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Department of Atomic Energy, Hyderabad. 7-8 Nov 2019.

2. Nasnodkar, M.R.; Nayak, G.N.: Distribution and bioavailability of selected metals in mudflat sediment cores from tropical(Vashishti) estuary, west coast of India. Nat. Conf. on Sedimentation and Stratigraphy. Indian Association of Sedimentologists. 12-14 Nov 2014.