Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
4 Papers presented by Prof. PaiVernekar, S.D.

1. PaiVernekar, S.D.: Contemporary Relevance of Gandhi’s Philosophy. Seminar on The Multifaceted Mahatma: Revisiting Gandhi on His Sesquicentennial Birth Anniversary. Goa University.. 26 Mar 2019.

2. PaiVernekar, S.D.: Sri Aurobindo's theory of evolution: Synthesis of the East and the West. Int. Seminar on Philosophy and Literature Meeting: The East(s) and the West(s). Goa University. 19-20 Mar 2018.

3. PaiVernekar, S.D.: Ontology: Decoding Meaning in Sri Aurobindo. Re-Constructing Indian Philosophical Framework: Quest for Decoding Meaning. Dept. Of Philosophy, Goa University and ICG, Goa. 28-30 Jan 2017.

4. PaiVernekar, S.D.: Understanding symbolism in religion. Int. Seminar on World Religions: Enter the Metaphysics. Metaphysical Approach through Symbols. International Centre Goa. 25-27 Feb 2015.