Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
12 Papers presented by Prof. Parobo, P.D.

1. Parobo, P.D.: Invoking legitimacy: Swamis and Shastras in early twentieth century Goa. Nat. Seminar on Indic Thought: Exploring the Indianness. Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi. 28-29 Mar 2019.

2. Parobo, P.D.: Maharashtra in the cultural politics of colonial Goa. Int. Seminar on Estado da Índia: Colonial Periodical Press and Politics and 4. Int. Symp. on Goa: Cultures, Languages and Literatures. Govt. College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Quepem and Institute Camões, Panaji. 21-23 Jan 2019.

3. Parobo, P.D.: Identity, power and politics: The Pragatik Sangh and its leadership struggle in early twentieth century Goa. 20. Local History Seminar. Goa University and Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Govt. of Goa. 10 Jan 2019.

4. Parobo, P.D.: Contested images: Portuguese Goa and British India in Richard Burton's Goa and the Blue Mountains; or six months of sick leave. Int. Seminar on Philosophy and Literature Meeting: The West(s) and the East(s). Depts. of Philosophy, Konkani, Portuguese and Lusohpone Studies, French and Francophone Studies at Goa University; Institute of Philosophy, University of Porto and Institute Camões. 19-20 Mar 2018.

5. Parobo, P.D.: Colonial, Post-colonial Goa. Refresher Course in Social Sciences. UGC-HRDC, Goa University. 20 Feb 2018.

6. Parobo, P.D.: Bhaujan samaj, state and politics in Goa. Nat. Conf. on State Politics in India: Perspectives from the Western Region. Department of Political Science, Goa University, Dhempe College of Arts and Science, Miramar and Indian Council for Social Science Research. 21 Nov 2017.

7. Parobo, P.D.: Viewing the difference: Politics and identity in Richard Burton’s Goa and the blue mountains. Seminar on Goa through the Traveller's Lens. Department of History, Goa University. 30 Mar 2017.

8. Parobo, P.D.: What to do now? Political discourses on migration in the early twentieth century Goa. 19. Local History Seminar on Goan Diaspora Through the Ages and Symposium on Gramdevata Worship in Goa. Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Government of Goa, in collaboration with the Department of History, Goa University. 29 Nov 2016.

9. Parobo, P.D.: The Maratha and the Bahujan identity in Goa. Nat. Seminar on Trends in Maratha Historiography. Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Center for Studies of Maratha History, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. 11-12 Mar 2015.

10. Parobo, P.D.: Seeing Goa and Nationhood: Tristão Bragança Cunha and Indological traits. State level Seminar on Tristao Bragança Cunha: Colonialism, Nationalism and Reminiscence. Department of History, Goa University and the Tristão De Bragança Cunha Charity Trust, Panaji. 28 Nov 2014.

11. Parobo, P.D.: Goan Historiography and the Histories of Resistance: the ‘Voiceless’ Subaltern. 18. Local History Seminar (Goa) on ‘Subaltern Approach to the History of Goa: Themes and Issues’. Dept. of History, Goa University and the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Government of Goa. 6-7 Mar 2014.

12. Parobo, P.D.: Political Economy of Tourism in Goa. Nat. Conf. India’s Political Economy in Transition: The Crisis of Governance, Democracy and Development. Dept. of Political Science, Goa University with the Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla and Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi. 21-22 Dec 2013.