Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
9 Papers presented by Prof. Risbud, S.S.

1. Risbud, S.S.: Gandhi and Goa's struggle for freedom: Relevance of non-violent Satyagraha technique. Seminar on The Multifaceted Mahatma: Revisiting Gandhi on His Sesquicentennial Birth Anniversary. Dept. of English, Goa University. 26 Mar 2019.

2. Risbud, S.S.: An alternative to Satyagraha: Azad Gomantak Dal and Idea Armed Struggle. Seminar on Making of Goan Identity. Dept. of History, Goa University. 15 Mar 2019.

3. Risbud, S.S.: Goa's struggle for freedom: Indian National Congress and the idea of Poorna Swaraj. Int. Seminar on Estado da India: Colonial Periodical Press, Politics and Culture and 4. Int. Symp. on Goa: Cultures, Languages and Literatures. Dept. of History, Goa University. 21 Jan 2019.

4. Risbud, S.S.: Fabric and freedom: Vastra as a mark of protest and nationalism. 20. Local History Seminar on History of Goa. Dept. of History, Goa university and Directorate of Archives and Archaeology Government of Goa. 10 Jan 2019.

5. Risbud, S.S.: Goa's struggle for freedom: Ideologies, organisations, and actions. 2. Int. Multidisciplinary Conf. on Humanities and Social Sciences. Dept. of History, Devchand College, Arjunnagar, Kagal, Kolhapur; Indo Global Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, and Commonwealth Vocational University; and Kingdom of Tonga. 30 Oct 2018.

6. Risbud, S.S.: Nationalism and Goa's struggle for freedom. (Invited Lecture). . Institute menezes Braganza, Panaji , Shatabdi Samaroh Samiti, Panaji. 9 Dec 2017.

7. Risbud, S.S.: Revolutionary songs in Marathi and Konkani languages and Goas struggle for freedom. Seminar on Goa's Freedom Struggle. Bhaktimarg Sadhan Sanstha, Shivoli and Directorate of Art and Culture, Govt. of Goa. 19 Dec 2016.

8. Risbud, S.S.: Goans and Bhoodan Chalval in India. 19. Local History Seminar on Goan Diaspora Through the Ages and Symposium on Gramdevata Worship in Goa. Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Government of Goa, in collaboration with the Department of History, Goa University. 29 Nov 2016.

9. Risbud, S.S.: Tristao Braganca Cunha and 1954-55 satyagraha: An idea into action. State level Seminar on Tristao Braganca Cunha: Colonialism, Nationalism and Reminiscence. Dept. of History, Goa Univ.; Tristao Braganca Cunha Trust. 28 Nov 2014.