Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
21 Papers presented by Prof. Silveira, I.

1. Silveira, I.: Scriptwriting of LEDs. Refresher Course: Development of learner - centric MOOCs using 4 quadrants. UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune. 24 Nov 2021.

2. Silveira, I.: Les Rendez-vous de l'IFI. Journée internationale des droits des femmes. Institut français en Inde. 8 Mar 2021.

3. Silveira, I.: Les Rendez-vous de l'IFI. Littérature francophone au féminin. Institut français en Inde. 7 Mar 2021.

4. Silveira, I.: Notre Dame de Paris. RUSA Guest lecture series. St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. 16 Feb 2021.

5. Silveira, I.: De quelle couleur est le Petit Chaperon Rouge ?. 7th National Congress and 1st Webinar on L’Oralité: l’univers de la parole: du traditionnel au numérique. Indian Association of Teachers of French. 26-28 Nov 2020.

6. Silveira, I.: Fêtes et festivals à Goa. Culture(s): Inde fabuleuse, Programme Arts, lettres et communication. du Cégep de Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada. 20 Nov 2020.

7. Silveira, I.: Poetry of death and life - Silvia Bragança’s A quem a minha vida, a vida deu?. 5. Int. Symp. on Goa, Cultures, Languages, Literatures. Dept. of Portuguese, Goa University and Instituto Camões, Panaji. 28-30 Jan 2020.

8. Silveira, I.: Calligrammes d'or. Creative writing workshop - Cadres d’or. Dept. of French and Francophone Studies, Goa University. 27 Mar 2019.

9. Silveira, I.: Fostering Goan identity through sport and festivity. Seminar on Making of Goan Identity. Dept. of History, Goa University. 15 Mar 2019.

10. Silveira, I.: Fostering Goan Identity through sport and festivity. Seminar on Making of Goan Identity. Dept. of History, Goa University. 15 Mar 2019.

11. Silveira, I.: Accounts of immigrant Goan gatherings in the 1920s. Int. Seminar on Estadio da India Colonial Press, Politics and Culture & 4th Int. Symposium on Goa: Literatures, Languages and Cultures. Instituto Camões, Panaji. 21-23 Jan 2019.

12. Silveira, I.: Accounts of Goan immigrant gatherings in the 1920s Colonial Periodical Press: Goa Chapter. Int. Seminar on Estado da Índia: Colonial Periodical Press, Politics & Culture, Government. College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem- Goa, India, Instituto Camões and Goa University. 21-23 Jan 2019.

13. Silveira, I.: Reflections of reel life in real life: Snapshots of the Goan diaspora. Nat. Conf. on Contemporary & Modern Trends in English Language & Literature. Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Margao. 2-3 Apr 2018.

14. Silveira, I.: The marriage of literature and multimedia- Experiments in French class. Revisiting Higher Education Culture Studies, English Language and Literature Teaching. CES College of Arts and Commerce, Cuncolim, Goa. 24 Mar 2018.

15. Silveira, I.: Across the Indian Ocean: Exploring diasporic links between Goa and East Africa. Int. Seminar on Philosophy and Literature Meeting: The West(s) and the East(s). Goa University. 19-20 Mar 2018.

16. Silveira, I.: Of mud, stone, tile and more: the re-making of the Casa Portuguesa in Goa. Tradition, Continuity and Change: Reflections in the Narratives of Goa. Dept. of English, Goa University. 15 Mar 2018.

17. Silveira, I.: Portrayal of the Goan Woman in Rajendra Talak's Cinema. Int. Interdisciplinary Conf. on Indian Cinema and Women. . 3-4 Feb 2017.

18. Silveira, I.: Creating a French space in Post-Portuguese Goa. 2. Int. Symposium on Goa: Literatures, Languages and Cultures. Pensando Goa, Instituto Camões. 16-18 Jan 2017.

19. Silveira, I.: Litteratice en classe de français. 36. Nat. Congress & 3. Int. Colloque of Indian Association of Teachers of French. Indian Association of Teachers of French, Institut Français en Inde. 4-6 Nov 2016.

20. Silveira, I.: Influence of French literature on Goan writings. Symposium on Sharing Literature and Discourse. Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji and Dept. of English, Goa University. 18 Mar 2016.

21. Silveira, I.: Eating up and down the social ladder: Food and 19th Century French literature. Int. Conf. on Food and Culture. MES College, Zuarinagar. 25-27 Feb 2016.