Presentations at Conferences database records items from 2013 onwards
3 Papers presented by Prof. Vetrekar, N.T.

1. Gaonkar, A.A.; Gad, M.D.; Vetrekar, N.T.; Gad, R.S.; Naik, G.M.: 3D Biometrics for defense security: DSP based multimodal fusion approach. Int. Conf. Electronic Warfare. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. 22-25 Feb 2016.

2. Fernandes, I.; Tavares, N.; Vetrekar, N.T.; Gad, R.S.; Naik, G.M.: Design of human blood pressure meter based on oscillometric and auscultation. Poster. 4. Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan and Expo (BVS-2015) . . 5-8 Feb 2015.

3. Vetrekar, N.T.; Gad, R.S.: Multimodal fsion with facial hyperspectral bands and fingerprint for high performance biometrics. 9. Indian Conf. on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image processing, ICVGIP-2014. IISc, Bangalore. 14-17 Dec 2014.