Patents of Goa University

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S.No. Country Filing date Application_no Grant date Patent no Title Inventors Dept Patentee
1India2020-09-30202021042421Grant awaitedAn improved unmanned fruit and nut harvesting deviceGad, R.S.; Pednekar, A.R.; Desai, A.R.Physical and Applied SciencesGoa University & ICAR
2India2018-11-192018210435692020-08-19344489Method for synthesis of Diammmonium MonomolybdateSrinivasan, B.R.; Morajkar, S.Chemical SciencesGoa University
3India2018-01-012018210000462021-08-18374807A method to synthesize tungsten trioxide nanorodsMorajkar, P.P.; Salkar, A.V.Chemical SciencesGoa University
4India2017-07-29201721022813Grant awaitedUnmanned remote controlled palm tree harvesting robotGad, R.S.; Pednekar, A.R.; Desai, A.R.; Parab, J.S.; Naik, G.M.; Gaonkar, M.V.Physical and Applied SciencesGoa University & ICAR
5India2016-06-24201621021793Grant awaitedAllylic thiodiglycol sulfone carbonate, polymers thereof and their use in detection of ionizing radiationsNadkarni V.S.; Naik, D.G.Chemical SciencesGoa University
6India2011-07-21192/MUM/2011Grant awaitedMetal complexes for enhancing the oxygen scavenging action of hydrazineRane, K.S.; Bandodkar, S.S.Chemical SciencesRane, K.S.; Bandodkar, S.S.
7India2011-06-071663/MUM/20112015-03-13265758A catalyst for complete conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide at room temperature and process of preparing sameSalker, A.V.Chemical SciencesSalker, A.V.; Kunkalelar, R.K.
8India2010-08-272401/MUM/20102014-03-20259609Room temperature oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbondioxideSalker, A.V.; Kunkalelar, R.K.Chemical SciencesSalker, A.V.
9India2003-12-191291/MUM/20032007-03-30205409Process for preparation of carbonic acid esters from diethanolamine and polymers thereofNadkarni, V.S.; Tilve, S.G.;; Mascarenhas, A.A.A.Chemical SciencesGoa University
10Japan2003-11-07PCT/IB2003/0050002010-04-30JP4504311Process for producing an alkaline protease from a deep-sea fungusRaghukumar, C.; Damare, S.R.; Muraleedharan, U.BiotechnologyCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research
11India2003-10-30 1342/DEL/20032011-02-18246169A process for production of low temperature active alkaline proteaseRaghukumar, C.; Damare, S.R.; Muraleedharan, U.BiotechnologyCouncil of Scientific and Industrial Research
12WIPO2003-03-26WO/2004/085417; PCT/IN2003/000083Grant awaitedNovel sesquiterpene oxides as perfuming and flavouring agentsWahidullah, S.; Govenkar, M.B.; Paknikar, S.K.Chemical SciencesWahidullah, S.; Govenkar, M.B.; Paknikar, S.K.
13India1999-12-28970/BOM/1999 AGrant awaitedNovel rare-earth phosphate glasses and a process for the preparation of said glassesDesa, J.A.E.; Shikerkar, A.P.G.Physical and Applied SciencesGoa University
14India1999-12-27957/BOM/1999Grant awaited196627An improved process for preparation of carbonatesNadkarni V.S., Tilve, S.G.; Mascarenhas, A.A.A.Chemical SciencesNadkarni V.S., Tilve, S.G.; Mascarenhas, A.A.A.