16 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Biotechnology

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Barros, U.Dias, Perantho EvanHarnessing the nutraceutical potential of common seaweed/s of Goa2014-01-30FT
2Ghadi, S.C.Faria, NicolaCharacterization of virus from hot spring2014-09-26FT
3Ghadi, S.C.Gois, Angelia DeliciaCloning of polysaccharide degrading genes from unculturable bacteria using metagenomic approach2014-01-30FT
4Ghadi, S.C.; Gauns, M.Noronha, Jidith MiriamCharacterization of a marine phytoplankton virus2013-01-09PTNETJRF
5Ghadi, S.C.Poduval, Preethi BalakrishnanMarine bacteriophages of polysaccharide degrading bacteria2013-01-07FT
6Kerkar, S.Naik, Varsha Narayan SunilAssessment of the nutritive potential of Goan pulse (Alsonde) with microflora2018-11-22PTNET
7Kerkar, S.Rane, DeeptiStudies on mesoporours Ag-SiO2 based anticorrosive nanoparticles for mitigation of SRB induced microbial corrosion2018-11-21FTDBT-JRF
8Kerkar, S.Shet-Parker, Anchit Rasik Polysaccharides producing hypersaline bacteria and their applications2018-11-20PT
9Kerkar, S.Ameen, Noha InamStudy and characterization of compatible solutein saltpan bacteria and their application2018-10-01FTForeign Student
10Kerkar, S.Gawas, Priti DattaramSignificance of Thiobacillus denitrificans like organisms from saltpans of Goa and their ecological relationships with sulfate reducing bacteria2017-03-30FTJRF
11Kerkar, S.Pawaskar, Manasi MaheshEvaluating the potential of hypersaline bacteria as a biocontrol agent against microbial pathogens affecting chilli (Capsicum annuum) plant2016-09-28FTGoa University Research Scholarship
12Kerkar, S.; Barbuddhe, S.B.Malik, Ruchira GokuldasBacteria from Goan salterns as producers of biosurfactants2014-09-25FTGoa University Research Scholarship
13Muraleedharan, U.D.; Ghadi, S.C.Gupta, Sobin AgardiPlant bioactive compounds2019-09-23FTGATE
14Muraleedharan, U.D.Sreekala, S.Isolation and characterization of cationic peptides from selected plants2015-09-11FTNET
15Muraleedharan, U.D.Naik, Pingal GopinathBioactive cationic peptides from mangroves plants and marine microbes2014-09-25FT
16Muraleedharan, U.D.Fernandes, Alisha ClaudiaMarine macroalgae as a source for biodiesel2014-01-30FT
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