40 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Chemical Sciences

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Bhosale, S.V.Gosavi, Nilesh MohanPorphyrin derivatives: Synthesis, self-assemby and catalysis applications2019-09-13FTJRF
2Bhosale, S.V.Zalmi, Geeta AnantSynthesis of small organic molecules for sensing applications2019-09-13FT
3Bhosale, S.V.More, Kerba ShivajiConjugated coumarins: Synthesis, properties and applications2019-09-13FT GATE
4Bhosale, S.V.Sutar, Sanjay DhondiramFunctionalised carbon dots for sensing and biological applications2019-05-15FTNET
5Bhosale, S.V.Jadhav, Ratan Wamanrao Aggegation induced emission active funtional ominoglycoside antibiotics and their application in assembly, recognition and biological sciences2018-11-22FTNET-JRF
6Bhosale, S.V.More, Vishal GopalraoSynthesis of novel small organic luminescent materials and their applications in supramolecular chemistry2018-11-21FTJRF
7Bhosale, S.V.Dinesh, Nadimetla Nagnath (Vanita)Creating chiral supramolecular superstructure from small optically active organic molecules2018-11-20FTSET
8Bhosale, S.V.Burud, Mahesh DileepFunctionalized small organic molecules for chromogenic and flurogenic ion sensoring2018-11-20FTJRF
9Dhuri, S.N.Viegas, Jeffrey Lauro2018-11-27PTNET-JRFCollege Teacher
10Dhuri, S.N.D'Souza, Luann RomayneSynthesis, characterisaton and applications of coordination networks2017-04-04FTGoa University Research Scholarship
11Dhuri, S.N.Harmalkar Sarvesh ShyamSynthesis, characterisation and reactivity studies of first and second raw transiton metal based biomimetic catalysis2016-09-20FTSRF fellowship from CSIR
12Dhuri, S.N.Harmalkar, Dinesh Sham2016-09-20FTGoa University Research Scholarship
13Fernandes, J.B.; Tilve, S.G.Narvekar, Apurva AnandElectrochemical and catalytic applications of MnOx and its composites2014-05-21FTNET
14Fernandes, J.B.; Tilve, S.G.Shete, Madhavi DattaramSynthesis and catalytic applications of ZnO/TiO2/graphene nanocomposites2013-11-19FT
15Morajkar, P.P.; Bhosale, S.V.Fernandes, WilmaSynthesis and characterisation of inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterials for catalytic applications2018-11-27FTSET
16Morajkar, P.P.Salkar, Akshay VinodSynthesis, characterization and applications of nanostructured metal oxides 2017-11-06FT
17Morajkar, P.P.Naik, Amarja PrashantSynthesis characterisation of titanium dioxide based nanocatalyst and their catalytic application2017-11-06FT
18Nadkarni, V.S.Khobrekar, Pritesh PrakashPhotoredox catalysts: Design, synthesis and its applications in organic eethodologies2019-09-13FT
19Nadkarni, V.S.Pawar, Vishal MadhukarPolymeric track detectors for neutron and other dosimetric applications2014-09-22FTGoa University Research Scholarship
20Nadkarni, V.S.Shetgaonkar, Abhijit DigamberStudies in the synthesis of some dendritic polymers and investigation of their properties2014-06-26FTBSR UGC fellow
21Salker, A.V.; Shirsat, R.N.Ghare, Vipul MangeshSynthesis and applications of nano-materials based on transition metal mixed oxides2018-05-16PTSET
22Salker, A.V.Kerkar, Rahul DamuSolid state and catalytic studies on organic solids and mixed metal oxides nanoparticles2014-09-22FT
23Salker, A.V.Naik, Chandan ChandrakantSolid state and catalytic studies on selected mixed metal compounds2014-02-12FT
24Shirsat, R.N.Chari, Vishnu RamaConducting polymer-carbon nanoparticles composite thin films as catalyst surfaces for electrochemical oxidation of anodic fuels such as methanol and ethanol for fuel cell applications2014-09-24FT
25Shirsat, R.N.Albuquerque, Johnross VirgilCharge models for topography of molecular electrostatic potentials2014-01-15FT
26Srinivasan, B.R.; Dhuri, S.N.Harmalkar, Nikita Nonu2019-09-19FT
27Srinivasan, B.R.Parsekar, Neha UdaySythetic, spectroscopic, thermal and structural investigations of coordination networks2016-09-19FT
28Srinivasan, B.R.Narvekar, Kedar UmakantStudy of coordination polymers based on amino carboxylic ligands2014-09-19FT
29Srinivasan, B.R.Morajkar, Sudesh ManoharChemistry of polyoxometalate: Synthesis, spectroscipic investigation, structure determination and applications2014-07-28FT
30Srinivasan, B.R.Bhargao, Pooja HanumantraoCoordination polymers: Design, construction and characterization2014-07-28FT
31Srinivasan, B.R.Jyai, RitaStudy of extended solids2013-02-05FT
32Tilve, S.G.Valadares, Joette EstherAnalysis and method development for chemical contaminants2018-11-28FT
33Tilve, S.G.Rodrigues, LimaIsolation and synthesis of bioactive natural products2017-04-19FT
34Tilve, S.G.Mhaldar, Shashank NitinDiatereo and Enanhoselective synthesis of alkaloide containing pyrrolidine and piperidine MAHF2016-09-15FTINSPIRE fellowship
35Tilve, S.G.Mandrekar, Ketan SharadSynthetic studies in bioactive oxygen and nitrogen heterocycle2016-09-15FTUGC-OBC fellowship
36Verenkar, V.M.S.Sawal, Mangala UlhasSynthesis, characterisation and solid state studies of pure and substituted nickel-cobalt ferrites2018-11-26FT
37Verenkar, V.M.S.Costa, Seneca OfficiaSynthesis, characterisation and solid state studies of pure and substituted Ni-Zn ferrites and their applications2018-11-23FT
38Verenkar, V.M.S.Asogekar, Pratik A.Synthesis, characterization of pure and substituted cobalt zinc ferrite and study of its solid state properties as well as its application2014-12-01FTUGC-BSR Fellowship
39Verenkar, V.M.S.GaunsDessai, Prajyoti PandurangSynthesis, characterization and study of solid state properties of Mn/Al doped nickel zinc ferrite and their applications2013-11-21FTDST-Inspire Fellowship
40Verenkar, V.M.S.Coutinho, Daniel MarvenSynthesis, characterization and solid study properties of doped Ni and Co ferrites and their applications2013-01-31FTNETEmployed
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