20 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

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1Chachadi, A.G.; Mahender, K.Moharir, Ashwini SudhirAnalyzing implications of land-use change coupled with climate change on surface runoff using a hydrological model: Case study in Goa, India2015-09-15PT
2Mahender, K.; Kessarkar, P.Mayenkar, Vinita KeshavStudies on catchment sediment composition of Mandovi, Zuari and Chapora rivers of Goa 2019-09-26PTSET
3Mahender, K.; Sawaiker, U.G.Karkhanis, Yogita KaustubhGeological, geotechnical study and economic utility of the laterites from selected profiles of Goa an integrated approach2019-05-10PTJRFGCE employee
4Mahender, K.; Luis, A.J.Nigam, RitwikGeomorphology, geo-hazards and vulnerability studies of coastal strech of South Goa2018-11-26FTNETUGC-JRF
5Mahender, K.Verlekar, Purushottam AnilSedimentological study of Lokapure sequences of Kaladgi basin2014-05-26PTNET
6Matta, V.M.Sankpal, Nila MadhukarInfluence of organic matter on the distribution of mercury in Mandovi-Zuari estuarine systems of Goa, west coast of India2014-09-25FT
7Matta, V.M.; Nayak, G.N.Gaonkar, Cynthia VishnuBiogeochemistry of nutrients and trace metals in estuarine region of Goa, west coast of India2014-01-20FT
8Matta, V.M.Rane, Nita TrimbakGeochemistry of sediment crores with reference to past mining in Goa, west coast of India2013-10-01PT
9Menon, H.B.Patil, Partha Ashis ArchanaAnalysis of plume and associated hydrodynamics via in-situ and remote sensing observation2018-04-27FTDST Inspire fellow
10Menon, H.B.Shaikh, Atiba Anis AhmeadAerosol characterisation over Southern Ocean and along Indian and Antarctic coast2017-11-06FTISRO-NOBLE Project
11Menon, H.B.Shaikh, Neha SalimStudy on variabilty of planetary boundary layer (PBL), associated aerosol dynamics and resultant radiative forcing: Analysis from in-situ and satellite data2016-09-21FTISRO-ARFI project
12Nayak, G.N.; Saraswat, R.Kangane, Janhavi JayantReconstruction of paleoclimate through multi proxy approch using sediment core, Bay of Bengal2018-07-05FTProject Fellow
13Nayak, G.N.Fernandes, Maria CarlosAccumulation and bioavailability of metals in mudflats and mangroves along the south Karnataka coast2011-03-17FTNET
14Rivonker, C.U.Bhat, Mithila SubhashStudies on brachyuran crabs and molluscs along Chapora and Sal estuaries of Goa, West coast of India2015-09-28FT
15Rivonker, C.U.Prabhudessai, Samiksha SharadSpatio-temporal variation of dinoflagellate cysts along estuarine regions of Goa, west coast of India2015-09-16FTGoa University Research Scholarship
16Rivonker, C.U.Vijaylaxmi, J.Studies on inter-tidal rocky shore crabs (Decapoda: Crustacea: Brachyura) from Goa, west coast of India2014-01-22FTRajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (UGC)
17Viegas, A.Sajeevan, Jithin PPetrology and geochemistry of basalts of South Central India Ridge (22 -24s)2019-09-26FT
18Viegas, A.Cardozo, DeliaStudy of borehole retrivals from Zuari river basin2019-09-24FTNET
19Viegas, A.Kuttikar, Sachit Babuso Petrology, geochemistry and deformational effects on Dudhsagar granite in the western dharwar craton, Goa, India2019-05-14PTJRF
20Viegas, A.Gadgil, Raghav RajaramPetrology and geochemistry of the dyke swarm in Goa: Implications on the composition of the crust and evolution of continental margin2014-05-27PTNET
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