96 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Goa Business School

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1AnjanaRaju, G.Rabada, Jitendra AlokanathAn empirical evidence of impact and relationship of exchange rate swithching on trade, volatility and economics of emerging countries and India2020-02-20FTSET
2AnjanaRaju, G.Parab, Rucha MadhuInvestor behaviour and behavioural biases in mutual funds2019-09-30FT
3AnjanaRaju, G.Palkar, Yanita CholuAn empirical analysis of buyback of shares (2000-2020) in Indian context2018-11-19PTNET
4AnjanaRaju, G.Shirodkar, Sanjeeta VasantValatility and lead lag relationship between single stock futures and underlying stocks in India2018-11-19FTJRF
5AnjanaRaju, G.Marathe, Shripad RamchandraThe impact of crude oil prices on economies of BRICS countries2018-05-16FTSET
6AnjanaRaju, G.Jambotkar, Mrunalini ManoharGold as hedge or a safe haven: Evidence from world gold council classification of major gold consuming, gold producing and key currency countries2018-05-07FTNET
7Borde, N.Shalini SitaramanValuation of intangibles 2019-09-27PT
8Borde, N.Naik, Dikshya Shekar Impact of inflation targeted monetary policy on emerging economies2019-09-18FT JRF
9Borde, N.Fernandes, ShelleyRelevance of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)2019-05-15PTNET
10Borde, N.Kerkar, Mahesh MangeshBehavioural finance2018-11-22PTNET
11Borde, N.Gore, Surabhi AnupAnalysis of pattern in strategy formulation in tourism2018-05-04PTM. Phil/NE
12Borde, N.Mahatme, MadhumitaPeripheral tourism - Challenges & coping strategies2018-04-30PTM.Phil
13Borde, N.Sukhathankar, Vithal SadanandInnovation management and e-government2017-11-08PTM Phil
14Dayanand, M.S.Govekar, Supriyanka Ketan Smart Tourism destination - Impact on tourist experience & organisational efficiency2019-09-19PT
15Dayanand, M.S.Bagaria, ChetanOrganisational response to sustainable tourism2019-05-13FTNET
16Dayanand, M.S.Bhende, Maya KashinathAnalysis of consumption behaviour of Tourists2019-05-13PTNET
17Dayanand, M.S.Prashant, D.S. Impact of business incubator activities on startup performance and brand image of the incubator2018-11-16PT
18Dayanand, M.S.D'Souza, EdgarRole of beverages in tourism the feni experience in Goa2017-11-10PT
19Dayanand, M.S.Narvenkar, Rajeev HarishchandraA study of value, satisfaction and behavioral intentions of adventure tourists participating in hard adventure activity2015-09-23PTNET
20Hegde-Desai, P.Volvoikar, Prasad GurudasSocial accounting and social audit2019-09-17PT NET
21Hegde-Desai, P.Datta, BinayakStudy of relationships of internal corporate governance practices and transactions with related parties with enterprise value of a company2019-05-21FT
22Hegde-Desai, P.Nagar, Mitesh RatilalEnterpreneurial finance/small business (MSME's) finance2017-04-20FTNET
23Hegde-Desai, P.D'Souza, Kevin SavioAntecedents of eating regulations2016-09-30PT
24Hegde-Desai, P.Kamat, Satyaprakash SureshImpact of transfer pricing factors and motives on the choice of transfer policy methods2015-09-14PT
25Hegde-Desai, P.Chari, Sushant GanpatA study of the behaviour of stock prices in Indian stock market using sentiment analysis of publicly available information2014-09-26PTNET
26Kamat, V.V.Wagh, Ramrao SuryaFrom developer centric to learner centric IDE and back2016-09-30PT
27Kamat, V.V.; Pawar, J.D.Naik, Vandana UlhasApplying machine learning in education technology2016-09-29PT
28Kamat, V.V.; Pawar, J.D.Bindal, ManikaGeometry processing and its application2016-02-09FTNETVisvesvaraya PhD scholarship
29Kamat, V.V.; Pawar, J.D.Furtado, Razia Maria Angela Julieta De LoyolaMachine vision and learning2015-09-28PTCollege faculty
30Kamat, V.V.; Pawar, J.D.Prabhu, Venkatesh PurshottamComputer assisted language learning for teaching Sanskrit for learners of Ayurveda2014-11-17PT
31Khanapuri, H.Khan, Sameera HanifBehavioural dynamics in investment decisions of retail investor2019-05-18PTNET
32Khanapuri, H.Fernandes, Moses PrakashCorporate policies, capital structure variations and firm value: Evidence from industrial sectors in India 2019-05-16PTNET
33Khanapuri, H.Keni, Namrata GirishCross section of stock returns in India: An empirical analysis2019-05-15PTNET
34Mekoth, N.Dicholkar, Teja RajendraSocial media marketing effectiveness2018-11-26PT
35Mekoth, N.Jog, Deepti RajaramStakeholder responsibility for sustainability and support for tourism2016-09-20PTM.Phil.
36Mekoth, N.Tom, Albino SimpleCasino customer behaviour2016-02-26PT
37Mekoth, N.Fernandes, ValerieConsumer behaivour: Reverse consumer socialisation2015-09-28PTNET
38Mukhopadhyay, P.de Ataide, Oscar Luis FilipeSupply Response in Indian Agriculture2019-05-14FT
39Mukhopadhyay, P.Bhangle, Pravinya PrakashNatural resource management in India2018-11-28FTSET
40Mukhopadhyay, P.Gaude, Heena SubrayEconomic Development and Regional Disparities in India2018-11-26PTSET
41Mukhopadhyay, P.Badiguir, Mahalaxmi GaneshEcological Footprint and Economic Development in India2018-11-23PTSET
42Mukhopadhyay, P.Thamankar, Prerna PrakashCorporate sustainablility reporting and environmental audit in India2018-05-11PTSET
43Mukhopadhyay, P.Tamuly, Rupali MoneshEconomic development and health in India2016-02-22PTSET
44Mukhopadhyay, P.Hussain, Yasser RazakHuman capital and economic growth in India: An empirical study2015-02-04PTNET
45Nirmala, R.Abhullah, Abdulla YahiaExploring the relationship among university autonomy, strategic management and organizational performance in India's public and private universities2019-02-08FTnetForeign Student (self finance)
46Nirmala, R.Dias, Charmaine NadineThe impact of ambition & career mobility on women perceived career success 2018-11-15PTSET
47Nirmala, R.Tari, Sandesh DeelipRelationship between green human resource management, top management support & organiational performance in manufacturing organizations2018-11-13FTNET
48Nirmala, R.Vaz, Ana Maria JosepinaSelf concept of a nurse: Antecedents and consequences2015-09-24PT
49Noronha, S.M.Dias, RivyaNon communicable disease burden and its economic impact on households in Goa2018-11-22PTSET
50Noronha, S.M.Shetgaokar, Rajesh VinayakAnalysis of labour productivity in organised textile industry of India in the post reform period´╗┐2017-04-11PTSET
51Noronha, S.M.Sangeeta, K.A study of contract labour in the registered manufacturing industrial units in Goa2016-09-22PTSET
52Pawar, J.D.Shaikh, Naziya MahadulDetermination of metamorphic and idiomatic statements in regional language paragraphs2020-03-03PTSET
53Pawar, J.D.Shivolkar, Milind MeghnathEnd-to-end speech translation2020-03-02PTNET
54Pawar, J.D.Ameryani, SulimanData Mining2019-11-29FTICCR
55Pawar, J.D.Navelkar, Poonam AuduthAnaphora resolution for natural language understanding2019-09-29PTSET
56Pawar, J.D.Fondekar, Ashweta AnandAddressing challenges of code mixed sentiment analysis2019-09-25PTNETCollege faculty
57Pawar, J.D.Akram, Mohammed ahmed Al-RumaimVirtual Data Centers (VDCs) security Improvement2018-12-28FTICCR
58Pawar, J.D.Korkankar, Pratik DeelipText summarization 2018-05-17PTNET
59Pawar, J.D.Fadte, Swapnil SureshDesign and implementation of algorithms for speech recognition2016-09-29FTGATE
60Pawar, J.D.Bhagat, Pradnya PrakashContext aware cross domain recommender systems2016-09-23FTGATEVisvesvaraya PhD Scheme, MeitY
61Pawar, J.D.Kundaikar, Teja ChuduDesign and analysis of algorithms for optical character recognition2015-09-24PTGATE
62Ramesh, B.; SriRam, P.Sakharkar, Akshay DamodarCapital flows to emerging market economies: An empirical analysis of drivers and causal nexus to growth2019-09-30FTNET
63Ramesh, B.Rebello, Savina AnnieImpact of macro-economic variables on foreign exchange rates in India2018-05-04FTSET
64Ramesh, B.Jorge, Bernard Ainsley Granville AndreCorporate valuation: A study on strategies of selected companies in India2018-05-03FTNET
65Ramesh, B.Modassir, ToobaTalent management strategies & practices with special emphasis on managing high potential talent2014-06-23PT
66Reddy, Y.V.Nazareth, Noella AviliaFinancial applications of machine learning techniques2020-12-30FTNETUGC-JRF
67Reddy, Y.V.Morudkar, Vassanti RajendraCorporate debt, financial distress and bankruptcy issues in India2019-09-20PTNET
68Reddy, Y.V.Naik, Ramashanti AnandLong memory in Indian stock market: An empirical study2019-05-17PTNET
69Reddy, Y.V.Fernandes, Karen FrancesEnergy consumption and economic growth in newly industrialized countries of Asia2018-11-21PTSET
70Reddy, Y.V.Naik, Priyanka UmeshLiquidity in Indian stock market: An empirical study2018-11-20PTNET
71Reddy, Y.V.Quintal, Steffi SophiaDimensions of customer satisfaction in the fast food industry2018-05-06PTSET
72Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Alarnkar, Aakruthi AmrutA study on behavioural finance paradigms and its impact on investment decisions of investors2020-03-11PTNET
73Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Shet, Dhanashri DurgaramInterlinkages between commodity market of India and G2O countries2019-09-23FTNET
74Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Naik, Pritam ShankarA study on Green tourism and its influence on tourist behavior2019-09-21FTSET
75Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Telgiri, Sushila Raja Impact of trading volume on return volatility: Evidence from stock market2019-09-20FTNET
76Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Venji, Vitiksha ChandrakantEffect of exchange rate volatility on international trade: An empirical study2019-05-15PTSET
77Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Shirodkar, Kavir KashinathA study on investor behaviour in Mutual funds investment2019-05-14PTNET
78SarathChandran, B.P.Philip, AlexTrade competitiveness and export intensity of India's manufacturing sector2019-09-26PT NET
79SarathChandran, B.P.Gaonkar, Ram KamlakarAn emperical analysis of the Lewis-Ranis-Fei theory of dualistic development for the Indian economy2019-05-15FTSET
80SarathChandran, B.P.Pires, AverylProductivity issues in Indian agriculture2019-05-14PTSET
81SriRam, P.Pereira, Stally Maria John JessieCSR in Indian service sectors and it's impact on financial parameters: An empirical study2020-02-28PTNET
82SriRam, P.Shoman, Humam Abdulateef HasanThe criteria for transition from the consolidated accounting system to the international financial reporting standards: A case study of Iraq2020-01-02FTForeign Student (Self finance)
83SriRam, P.Naik, Amit GajananA study on institutional investors trading style and trading volume and its impact on market return volatility2019-05-17PTSET
84SriRam, P.Shet, Khemraj alias Sangam PanduInformation efficiency and share price prediction of Indian stock market2018-11-22PTNET/SET
85SriRam, P.Tuyekar, Suraj PrakashEmpirical evidence on shift of calendar anomalies and volatility in Indian stock market and derivatives market2018-11-20PTSET
86SriRam, P.Chodankar, Trupti DinanathCapital markets2015-02-06PTSET
87Subhash, K.B.Salgaonkar, Sanchali Sanjay2020-03-06PTSET
88Subhash, K.B.Noronha, Concy LiberataFostering sustainable entrepreneurship through business incubation: An Indian perspective2020-03-04PTNET/SET
89Subhash, K.B.; Sankaranarayanan, K.G.Tendulkar, Chaitali ChandrakantCommunity involvement in festivities: A study of select religious festivals in Goa2019-09-25PTSET
90Subhash, K.B.Castanha, JickConsumer behaviour towards technology adoption in the case of tourism (travel related) and hospitality (accommodation related) service applications 2019-05-17PTNET
91Subhash, K.B.Manju, T.K.A study on motivations, benefits and satisfaction of tourists visiting Ayurveda health centres in Kerala2015-09-14PTNET
92Subhash, K.B.Pacheco, Zamila ElisiaTourism sector, entrepreneurs and quality of life: An empirical Study2015-09-09PT
93Sudarsan, P.K.Dessai, Shamal KrishnaEconomics of higher education in Goa 2019-05-14PTNET
94Sudarsan, P.K.Pereira, Delicia SharonAirline industry in India: A micro economic study of firm behaviour2018-11-29PTSET
95Sudarsan, P.K.D'Costa, LizetteIndia's economic relations with BRICS countries2018-11-28PTSET
96Sudarsan, P.K.Bandolkar, Krishnakumar NanuA study of regional trade agreements and trade in agriculture2016-09-29PTSET
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