7 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: International and Area Studies

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Gangopadhay, A.Bushar, Timor ShahInternational relations Afgan Arabs and religious - Conflicts in Afghanistan 2019-11-29FTICCR
2Gangopadhay, A.Nawabi, Mohammad YosofAfghanistan and South Asian integrations, historical perpective and security complex2019-11-29FTICCR
3Gangopadhay, A.Rantlhoiwa, KefilweAn analysis of Botswana's bilateral relations policy in mobilizing the nation's agenda - A case study of Botswana's vision 20162019-11-29FTICCR
4Gangopadhay, A.Tsedenbal, BaigaliThe possibility of using religious relations as a mean of soft diplomacy in the policy of security and foreign relations2019-11-29FTICCR
5Gangopadhay, A.Nila MohananWomen negotiating power in the global south: Three political narratives from India, Brazil and South Africa2018-11-26PTNET/M.Phil
6Gangopadhay, A.Dias, JosephineIndia-Brazil relations: Energy security and environment2014-09-29PTSET
7Gangopadhay, A.Naik, Yugank PundalikSociety, social movements and cinema: Select case studies from South America and India2014-01-17PTSET
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