4 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Manohar Parrikar School of Law, Governance and Public Policy

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Desouza, S.Barkha ShardaExperiences of women workers in the casino industry in Goa2020-03-16FTM.Phil
2Desouza, S.; Mukhopadhyay, P.Pednekar, Sulochana SureshEducation, gender and public policy in India2015-09-15PTNET
3Desouza, S.Rivankar, Kajal PareshThe female body and sexuality: A study of adolescent girls, customs, practices and interventions in Goa2013-07-19PTNET-JRF
4Lolayekar, A.P.Kavthankar, AvinaChild and maternal health care in India: A geospatial analysis based on NFHS2021-07-07PTNET
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