12 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Microbiology

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Charya, L.S.Kamat, Manasi DeepakStress Biology and pigmentation in pisoliyhus sp2020-03-12FTSET
2Charya, L.S.Salkar, Komal SumantStudies on quorum quenching in bacteria using natural biomolecules and synthetic compounds2019-09-17FTJRF
3Charya, L.S.Marathe, Aabha Arun Studies on bioactive compounds and an enzyme from yeasts isolated from sediments of mangroves of coast of Goa2019-05-16FTSET
4Charya, L.S.Menon, Siddhesh Suresh Bioprospecting of seaweeds associated bacteria for bioremediation and industrially important enzymes2019-05-15PTJRF
5Dubey, S.K.Mujawar, Sajiya YusufBiochemical and molecular charachterization of arsenic resistant bacteria from different habitats2015-02-03FT
6Furtado, I.; Nazareth, S.W.Gaonkar, Sanket KrihnanathHydrolytic enzymes from marine Haloarchaea2015-02-02FT
7Furtado, I.; Nazareth, S.W.Malik, Alisha DnyaneshwarDegradation of plant polymers by marine Haloarchaea2015-01-30FT
8Furtado, I.Alvares, Jyothi JudithBioprospecting with marine halophilic eubacteria and Haloarchaea for bioactives2012-12-21FT
9Garg, S.Mayenkar, Snigdha SharadFungi associated with ants of the Western Ghats of Goa2019-09-19PTNET
10Garg, S.Mapari, Dviti DayanandMechanism of salt tolerance in Brevibactrium: Biochemical, physiological and molecular studies2018-11-16FT
11Garg, S.Gariyan, Asha LaxmanIsolation & screening of bioflim forming bacteria from mangrove escosystem for treatment of arsenate contaminated water2014-09-23PT
12Garg, S.Shet, Sulochana AshokBiodiversity and industrial potential of pigment producing bacterial from coastal sand dunes of Goa2014-09-22FTUGC-OBC fellowship
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