34 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Physical and Applied Sciences

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Gad, R.S.De Ataide, Marissa LourdesDeep Learning in Multivariate Systems2021-11-10FT
2Gad, R.S.Kharde, Avani AnilNon- invasive imaging spectroscopy in aduteration with machine learning2021-02-07PTNET
3Gad, R.S.; Naik, G.M.Gonsalves, DarylExploring signals of various modalities for non-invasive studies 2019-09-27PTM.Phil.
4Gad, R.S.; Naik, G.M.Abhyankar, Girish GajananExploring the enhancement in spectral efficiency in data communication systems2019-09-25PT GATE
5Gad, R.S.Chodankar, Deepak PandurangData communication and networks2018-11-29PT
6Gad, R.S.Prabhu, Anish KrishanaSignal processing and computer networking2018-11-29FT
7Hathwar, V.R.Shaikh, Irshad AhamadInvestigation of all inorganic and organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites for photoluminescent applications2021-06-29PTSET
8Hathwar, V.R.; Pahari, B.Choudhary, MahendraStudy of structure-property correlations in rare-earth based photoluminescent materials2021-06-20FTGATE
9Hyam, R.S.Steffi, Antony M.Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials for energy applications2018-11-19FTM.Phil.
10Kunhanandan, M.Patil, Prajyot MarutiNon-commutative geometry in C*-Algebras2021-07-13PTNET/SET
11Pahari, B.Karmalkar, Diksha N.Exploring inorganic solid electrolytes for electrochemical energy storage systems: Properties and mechanisms governing ion conduction Exploring inorganic solid electrolytes for electrochemical energy storage systems: Properties and mechanisms governing ion conduction2021-01-10FT
12Pahari, B.Santhoshkumar, BandaruInvestigation of composition property structure relationship in solid super ionic conductor materials2017-11-07FTGATE
13Pai, R.V.Shettigar, SheshgiriLarge size cluster mean-field theory for Bose Hubbard models2021-01-15PTGATE
14Pai, R.V.Gaude, Pallavi PandhariPhases and excitations of ultra cold bosons in optical lattices2015-09-24PTGATE
15Pai, R.V.FadteGaonkar, Chetana GaneshCluster mean field theory for Bose Hubbard models2014-09-25PT
16Parab, J.S.Gaonkar, Mayur SanjayDevelopment of embeddded system for grain analysis using machine learning2021-07-05PTSET
17Parab, J.S.Lanjewar, Madhusudan GanujiDetection of adulterants in spices using machine learning2021-06-18PTNET
18Parab, J.S.Fernandes, Vilma Maria TheresaAdvanced wireless digital communication 2019-05-13PTNET
19Parab, J.S.; Naik, G.M.Patil, Sameer ManoharDesign and development of instrumentation for quality control and segregation of arecanut using FPGA platform2017-11-08PTNET
20Parab, J.S.Prabhu, Yogini VenkataramanSmart agrofarming based on optimized wireless sensor network2015-09-24FTVisvesvaraya PhD scheme
21Priolkar, K.R.Desai, Yatin PandurangStudy of some half heusler alloys with thermoelectric applications2019-09-20PTSET
22Priolkar, K.R.Azavedo, Myren Michael Understanding negative thermal expansion in metallic systems2019-09-20FTDST-INSPIRE Fellowship
23Priolkar, K.R.Bhlos, Nafea ManeaUnderstanding the role of Z atom in influencing martensitic transformation in Ni-Mn-Z (Z = Ga, Sn, In, Sb) Heulser alloys2018-09-04FTForeign Student (Self Finance)
24Priolkar, K.R.Malik, Samiksha VassudevMicroscopic understanding of Antisite disorder on magnetic and transport properties of Heusler alloys2016-09-19FTDST Project
25Priolkar, K.R.Nevgi, Rukma GurudasEffect of structural disorder on martensitic transformation in shape memory alloys2015-09-10FTGATECSIR-SRF
26Sudhir, C.Amonkar, Shilpa RajeshHybrid magnetic-plasmonic multifunctinal nanocomposites for sensing and imaging applications2017-11-07PTSET
27Sudhir, C.Praveenkumar, PinapatiOptical manipulation and trapping single gold shell encapsulated semiconductor quantum dots and its application towards bioimaging2017-11-06FTNET
28Tamba, M.Fernandes, BrandonStructure of level three and higher level standard modules of affine lie algebra A2(1) and A3(1).2021-11-15PTNET
29Tamba, M.Gawas, Sarvesh SushantStructure of level three standard modules of certain afline lie alyesas2021-01-10PTNET
30Tangsali, R.B.; Gad, R.S.Salgaonkar, Manoj DemuEffect of rare-earth doping on structural, magnetic and electrical properties of transition metal ferrite nanoparticles2016-09-29PT
31UmaSubramaniamPatil, Prasad NarayanStudy of optical and electrical properties of inorganic solids2015-02-10PTNETJRF
32Valaulikar, Y.S.; Tamba, M.Aiya, Heramb BalkrishnaA study of boundary value problems for differential equations with deviating arguments2018-11-15PTSET
33Valaulikar, Y.S.Sonalkar, VishwasUlam type stability of some equations2015-02-05PTSET
34Valaulikar, Y.S.Bandekar, Aradhana SantoshDelay differential equations in single species dynamics2014-09-22PT
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