17 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Political Science

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Desai, P.S.Naik, Prasad ShripadRelevance of ancient Greek political thought in contemparary world a case study of ideas of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle2019-05-15FTSET
2Desai, P.S.Amonkar, Gautami PremanandSaffronization of Ambedkar: Conspiracy hijacking idea of Ambedkar2018-11-22FT
3Desai, P.S.Naik, Prachi SatyawanKonkani language and Bahujan resistance: Issues of multilingualism in contemporary Goa 2018-05-14PTNET
4Desai, P.S.Singh, Shilpa Surendra PratapRedifining, redistribution and bargaining: A study of developmental process in post reform India2014-09-25PTNET
5Shringare, A.Antao, Chris ElectraPeoples movement to protect their land in Goa2019-05-17PTSET
6Shringare, A.Gaunkar, Ravaji VasantTribal Rights in Goa: Assertion and contestation2018-11-27PTSET
7Shringare, A.Mote, Vibha Child abuse & state's responsibility: A case study of Goa2018-11-17FT
8Shringare, A.Varak, Nawoo VithuUnderstanding pastoral perspective from northern Western Ghat 2018-05-09FTNET
9Tripathi, R.Shirgurkar, Dattaprasad Dileep2020-03-13PTNET
10Tripathi, R.Muzaffari, Bahrom2019-11-18FT
11Tripathi, R.Xavier, Sonia Role of women in decision making: Public and private2019-09-30PT SET
12Tripathi, R.Naik, Siddhi VishwasAn analytical study of ICDS Scheme and its impact on rural economy with special reference to achieveing target 4.2 of sustainable Development goals (SDGs)2019-05-15PT SET
13Tripathi, R.Sukhtankar, Mohit KrishnaTransformation of Goa's political economy: Feudalism to captalism2018-11-20PTNET
14Tripathi, R.Das, MonojitCyber diplomacy and international relations 2018-05-16FTSET/M.PhilICSSR Fellow
15Tripathi, R.DaCosta, Hegel ConchitaIdentity and citizenship: A case study of Goa's out migration2017-11-09PTM.Phil,
16Tripathi, R.Shenvy, Balaji SudasParty politics and in Goa: Analyses of institutions and social dimensions2014-09-25PT
17Tripathi, R.George, Sara MahimaCreation of small states in India: the administrative and developmental perspective2011-11-15PTNET
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