8 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Sociology

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Coelho, J.P.Marconi, Debbarma Refugee influx and socio-economic transitiions among the indigenous peoples of Tripura2019-09-27FTNET
2Coelho, J.P.Cardozo, Raisa Dhangars of Goa: A study of social exculsion and inclusion2019-09-23PTSET
3Coelho, J.P.NiloferLivelihood and identity among the tibetan refugees in Goa2014-04-07FTNETJRF
4Somayaji, G.Fernandes, Venisha Socio-culture background and early schooling: A study in sociology of primary education2020-06-26PTNET
5Somayaji, G.Fernandes, Evelyn Savia2020-02-26PTSET
6Somayaji, G.Sayed, Rizwana ParveenMate selection, marriage and adjustment in Mormugao : A study in Sociology of Marriage2020-02-03PTSET
7Somayaji, G.Mendes, NinotchkaTourism land management and livelihood dynamics in south coastal Goa 2019-09-24PT SET
8Somayaji, G.Naik, Ballavva TukaramTourism, shacks and the state: A study in sociology of beach tourism in Goa2014-09-16FT
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