6 PhD Students currently registered with Dept/School: Zoology

S.No. Guide; Co-guide Student Topic Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd FT_PT* Qualifying Exam Support
1Pai, I.K.Gaude, Kiran SureshSoil nematode diversity in three wildlife sanctuaries of Goa, India2014-09-18FT
2Roy, R.Fernandes, Mouvin FranciscoEffect of heavy metal pollution on the osmoregulatory processes in mud crab Scylla serata (Forskal, 1775)2017-11-07PTNET
3Sawant, N.S.Gawas, Mayur Mohan2021-11-22FTGATE
4Sawant, N.S.Rane, Shubham ShrikantTaxonomy, comparative phylogeography and ecology of anurans (Tentative)2021-07-15FTGATE
5Sawant, N.S.Halarnkar, Mithali MaheshEcological studies on group of Anurans2021-01-19PTJRF
6Sawant, N.S.Bowalkar, Dipak YeshwantEcological studies on two groups of vertebrates and two groups of invertebrates from three plateaus from South Goa2021-01-19PTSET
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