Students currently registered for Doctoral programme with Prof. Menon, H.B. as Guide
S.No. Student Topic Registration date FT/PT* NET/SET Support
1Patil, Partha Ashis ArchanaAnalysis of plume and associated hydrodynamics from in-situ and remote sensing observations2018-04-27FTDST Inspire fellow
2Shaikh, Atiba Anis AhmeadAerosol characterisation over Southern Ocean and along Indian and Antarctic coast2017-11-06FTISRO-NOBLE Project
3Shaikh, Neha SalimStudy on variabilty of planetary boundary layer (PBL), associated aerosol dynamics and resultant radiative forcing: Analysis from in-situ and satellite data2016-09-21FTISRO-ARFI project
*FT= Full Time; PT= Part Time student
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