Students currently registered for Doctoral programme with Prof. Priolkar, K.R. as Guide
S.No. Student Topic Registration date FT/PT* NET/SET Support
1Azavedo, Myren Michael Understanding negative thermal expansion in metallic systems2019-09-20FTDST-INSPIRE Fellowship
2Desai, Yatin PandurangStudy of some half heusler alloys with thermoelectric applications2019-09-20PTSET
3Bhlos, Nafea ManeaUnderstanding the role of Z atom in influencing martensitic transformation in Ni-Mn-Z (Z = Ga, Sn, In, Sb) Heulser alloys2018-09-04FTForeign Student (Self Finance)
4Malik, Samiksha VassudevMicroscopic understanding of Antisite disorder on magnetic and transport properties of Heusler alloys2016-09-19FTDST Project
5Nevgi, Rukma GurudasEffect of structural disorder on martensitic transformation in shape memory alloys2015-09-10FTGATECSIR-SRF
*FT= Full Time; PT= Part Time student
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