Students currently registered for Doctoral programme with Prof. SarathChandran, B.P. as Guide
S.No. Student Topic Registration date FT/PT* NET/SET Support
1Husaindad HassaniThe linkage between firms heterogeneity international trade and productivity: An analysis of Indian manufacturing companies2021-08-16FTForeign Student (ICCR)
2Gawas, AkhilEconomics of rare earth elements: Fuel for India's future economic development2021-01-21PTNET
3Philip, AlexTrade competitiveness and export intensity of India's manufacturing sector2019-09-26PT NET
4Gaonkar, Ram KamlakarAn emperical analysis of the Lewis-Ranis-Fei theory of dualistic development for the Indian economy2019-05-15FTSET
5Pires, AverylProductivity issues in Indian agriculture2019-05-14PTSET
6Dias, RivyaNon communicable disease burden and its economic impact on households in Goa2018-11-22PTSET
7Manerkar, Gouri KantaInformal sector in Goa2017-04-17PTSET
8Gomes, Roy AlvaroEconomic status of return migrants in Goa: A study2017-04-17PTSET
*FT= Full Time; PT= Part Time student
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