Students currently registered for Doctoral programme with Prof. Subhash, K.B. as Guide
S.No. Student Topic Registration date FT/PT* NET/SET Support
1Mohammad Aref SharifiSocio Economic impact of Hing/ Asafoetida Trading and the supply chain aspects2022-11-27FTICCR
2Costa, NikitaTraditional Entrepreneurship in the State of Goa2021-07-09PTNET
3Salgaonkar, Sanchali Sanjay2020-03-06PTSET
4Noronha, Concy LiberataFostering sustainable entrepreneurship through business incubation: An Indian perspective2020-03-04PTNET/SET
5Tendulkar, Chaitali ChandrakantCommunity involvement in festivities: A study of select religious festivals in Goa2019-09-25PTSET
6Castanha, JickConsumer behaviour towards technology adoption in the case of tourism (travel related) and hospitality (accommodation related) service applications 2019-05-17PTNET
7Manju, T.K.A study on motivations, benefits and satisfaction of tourists visiting Ayurveda health centres in Kerala2015-09-14PTNET
*FT= Full Time; PT= Part Time student
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