Students currently registered for Doctoral programme with Prof. Tharakan, K. as Guide
S.No. Student Topic Registration date FT/PT* NET/SET Support
1Bhandare, Sequeira Cinderella MA study of philosophy in the context of religion, deep ecology and eco-feminism 2019-09-30PTNET
2George, Vidya MarySymbol and self: Understanding discourses of public and private spaces2019-09-20FTNETUGC-JRF
3Bara, ElizabethThe performing Body: A study in phenomenology of the body2019-05-16FTNET
4Sawaiker, Vasudha SureshTransformative pedagogy in the Indian context2017-04-19FTNETUGC-SRF
5Kamat, Shefali DharmanandReligion and women: A study in feminist philosophy2014-01-30PTSET
6Fernandes, Jervacio Marshaline ConceicaoPeace, harmony and co-existence: Whither interreligious dialogue2014-01-10FT
*FT= Full Time; PT= Part Time student
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