Yearwise list of Students registered for Ph.D. programmes with the University
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S.No. Regis_Dt yyyy-mm-dd Student Topic Guide Dept/Institution Full/Part Time Qualifying Exam Support
12018-07-05Kangane, Janhavi JayantReconstruction of paleoclimate through multi proxy approch using sediment core, Bay of BengalNayak, G.N.Marine SciencesFT
22018-05-18Jagtap, Ashok ShivajiExtraction and characterization of algal oligosacchoride for nutraceutical applicationsManohar, C.S.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFTNETJRF
32018-05-17Korkankar, Pratik DeelipText summarization Pawar, J.D.Computer Science and TechnologyPTNET
42018-05-16Das, MonojitCyber diplomacy and international relations Tripathi, R.Political ScienceFTSET/M.Phil
52018-05-16Ghare, Vipul MangeshSynthesis and applications of nano-materials based on transition metal mixed oxidesSalker, A.V.ChemistryPTSET
62018-05-16Marathe, Shripad RamchandraA study of the impact of crude oil prices on BRICS nationsAnjanaRaju, G.CommerceFTSET
72018-05-15Sahoo, NibeditaThe Late Queternay paleoenvironmental changes in the high latitude North Atlantic based on foraminiferal recordRahulMohanNational Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
82018-05-14Ghadi, Pooja PrabhakarDiatom based paleoclimatic reconstruction from the Indian sector of Southern OceanRahulMohanNational Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
92018-05-14Naik, Prachi SatyawanKonkani language and Bahujan resistance: Issues of multilingualism in contemporary Goa Desai, P.S.Political SciencePTNET
102018-05-11Salgaonkar, Vishranthi BabusoCorporate sustainablility reporting and environmental audit in IndiaMukhopadhyay, P.EconomicsPTSET
112018-05-09Bugde, Gouresh GurudasA ratiocinative socio-legal exploration of the Goa succession, Special Notaries and Inventory Proceedings Act 2012Colvalkar, N.S.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPT
122018-05-09Harikrishnan, G.Diatom based reconstruction of past ocean surface conditions in Svalbard during the HoloceneRahulMohanNational Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFT
132018-05-09Varak, Nawoo VithuUnderstanding pastoral perspective from northern Western Ghat Shringare, A.Political ScienceFTNET
142018-05-07Jambotkar, Mrunali ManoharEfficiency in commodity derivatives markets: Evidence from IndiaAnjanaRaju, G.CommerceFTNET
152018-05-06Quintal, Steffi SophiaDimensions of customer satifaction in fast food industryReddy, Y.V.CommerceFTSET
162018-05-04Dey, RahulReconstruction of Antarctic climate variability using high resolution ice core layer stratigraphyThamban, M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
172018-05-04Rebello, Savina AnnieImpact of macro-economic variables on foreign exchange rates in IndiaRamesh, B.CommerceFTSET
182018-05-04Priyesh PrabhatStudy of Neodymium isotope records from the Arabian Sea and Amundsen Sea: Spatio-temporal evaluation of water mass circulation during the Late CenzoicRahaman, W.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
192018-05-04Gore, Surabhi AnupAnalysis of pattern in strategy formulation in tourismBorde, N.A.Management StudiesPTM. Phil/NE
202018-05-04Ejaz, TariqTriple Oxygen Isotope Based ice core records of Antarctic variability: A case study from coastal Dronning Maud LandThamban, M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
212018-05-03Jorge, Bernard Ainsley Granville AndreCorporate valuation: A study on strategies of selected companies in IndiaRamesh, B.CommerceFTNET
222018-04-30Mahatme, MadhumitaPeripheral tourismBorde, N.A.Management StudiesFTM.Phil
232018-04-27Patil, Partha Ashis ArchanaAnalysis of plume and associated hydrodynamics via in-situ and remote sensing observationMenon, H.B.Marine SciencesFT
242017-11-13Prabhu, Rohan RameshDevelopment and optimisation in the design of orodispersible tablet.Pai, P.N.S.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPTGPAT-Pharm
252017-11-10Bhagat, Govind VishnooEMI based monitoring of strength and corrosion aspects of concrete with industrial waste as partial replacement for sandSavoikar, P.P.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
262017-11-10Potdar, Vaibhav VijayraoDesign, synthesis and molecular modelling of novel nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds as antitubercular agentsJoshi, A.B.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPTGAPT
272017-11-10Bhagwat, Phartade VilasMicrobial analysis for its pathogenecity in development of Pink-line syndrome in Coral, Porites sp.Ravindran, C.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFTNET
282017-11-10D'Souza, EdgarRole of beverages in tourism the feni experience in GoaDayanand, M.S.Management StudiesPT
292017-11-10PankajPrasadEnvironmental Geomorphology of South Konkan Coast: An integrating approach to ground penetrating radar and geospatial technologyLoveson, V.J.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFTNETJRF
302017-11-09Bijesh, C.M.Crutal structure and plate tectonic evolution of major aseismic ridges adjacent to the south western continental margin of india and its conjugate region of MadagascarYatheesh, V.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula
312017-11-09DaCosta, Hegel ConchitaIdentity and citizenship: A case study of Goa's out migrationTripathi, R.Political SciencePTM.Phil,
322017-11-09Lathika, N.Studey of Neodymium isotopes in the Indian sector of Southern Ocean: Tracing modern and past water mass circulationRahaman, W.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
332017-11-09Behera, PadmasiniExploring the teleconnection between South Asian monsoon and Arctic climate during early Pleistocene and Late PlioceneTiwari, M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNETJRF
342017-11-09Alexandre, De Araujo AgneloFluxes, characterization, sources of extraterrestrial metal from the Indian Ocean and implications for their alteration products in the marine environmentRudraswami, N.G.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFTNETJRF
352017-11-09Nuruzzama, MohammadTrace elements and silicon stable isotopes in the Southern Ocean, Indian Sector and Antarctic lakesRahulMohanNational Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNET
362017-11-08Cota, Harison JohnUnderstanding dynamics of magnets structural coupling in manganese intermatallics exhibiting first order transitionPriolkar, K.R.PhysicsPTSET
372017-11-08Patil, Sameer ManoharDesign and development of instrumentation for quality control and segregation of arecanut using FPGA platformParab, J.S.ElectronicsPTNET
382017-11-08Korgaonker, Shravani NarayanComparative account of physicochemical & molecular study of herbicide on C3 & C4 plantsSharma, P.K.BotanyFT
392017-11-08Naik, Madhuraj KiranStudies on structural retrofitting and health monitoringHegde, G.Goa Engineering College, PondaPTGATE
402017-11-08Chavan, Guruprasad AjayCharacterisation and assessment of liquefaction potential of soils in Kolhapur citySavoikar, P.P.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
412017-11-08Sukhathankar, Vithal SadanandInnovation management and e-governmentBorde, N.A.Management StudiesPTM Phil
422017-11-08Agrawal, Vinay MohanDurability aspect of concrete with secondary and ternary blended cementSavoikar, P.P.Goa Engineering College, PondaPTGATE
432017-11-08Velip, Suraj PavtoAn empirical analysis of returns in Asian markets: Evidence from selected emerging and Developed stock marketsAnjanaRaju, G.CommercePTNET
442017-11-07D' Mello, Audrick Agnelo AugustoEthical absolutism, ethical subjectivism and feministethicsVernekar, S.D.P.PhilosophyPTNET
452017-11-07Nadkarni, Shilpa MaharudraHybrid photonic - plasmonic nanostuctures for sensing applicationsSudhir, C.PhysicsPTSET
462017-11-07Sanvol, Satish N.A study of municipal finances in GoaSudarsan, P.K.EconomicsPTNET
472017-11-07Santhoshkumar, BandaruInvestigation of composition property structure relationship in solid super ionic conductor materialsPahari, B.PhysicsFTGATE
482017-11-07Gauns-Gaonkar, Gautami UlhasTreatment of Goan mine pit wastewaterSawaiker, U.G.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
492017-11-07Fernandes, Mouvin FranciscoEffect of heavy metal pollution on the osmoregulatory processes in mud crab Scylla serata (Forskal, 1775)Roy, R.ZoologyPTNET
502017-11-07Aldonkar, Smita SadanandSSI studies and application of stress relieving techniques for supporting excavations near existing structureSavoikar, P.P.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
512017-11-07Fernandes, DafilgoThe chemistry of micrometeorites collected from Antarctica and deep-sea Sediments of the Indian OceanRudraswami, N.G.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFTNETJRF
522017-11-07Souza, Leonardo Roque Do CarmoComputerized seismic analysis of bundhs considering coconut root reinforcementSavoikar, P.P.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
532017-11-06Praveenkumar, PinapatiOptical trapping and manipulation of plasmonic nanoparticles for biological applicationsSudhir, C.PhysicsFTNET
542017-11-06Naik, Amarja PrashantSynthesis characterisation of titanium dioxide based nanocatalyst and their catalytic applicationMorajkar, P.P.ChemistryFT
552017-11-06Shaikh, Atiba Anis AhmeadAerosol characterisation over Southern Ocean and along Indian and Antarctic coastMenon, H.B.Marine SciencesFT
562017-11-06Salkar, Akshay VinodSynthesis, characterization and applications of nanostructured metal oxides Morajkar, P.P.ChemistryFT
572017-04-20Fernandes, Evereth DenisYet to be decidedDias, R.A.Govt. College of Arts Science & Commerce, QuepemPTSET
582017-04-20Nagar, Mitesh RatilalEnterpreneurial finance/small business (MSME's) financeHegde-Desai, P.Management StudiesFTNET
592017-04-19Rodrigues, LimaIsolation and synthesis of bioactive natural productsTilve, S.G.ChemistryFT
602017-04-19Shirodkar, Sonia BalkrishnaEffectiveness of legal protection to women against sexual offences with reference to State of GoaDaSilva, S.V.M.Vidya Vikas Mandal's G.R. Kare College of Law, MargaoPTSET
612017-04-19Matta, Reshma ChandrabhanEvaluation of operational and financial viability of Goa Electricity Department Sawant-Desai, S.P.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTNET/SET
622017-04-19Sawaiker, Vasudha SureshTransformative pedagogy in the Indian contextTharakan, K.PhilosophyFTJRF
632017-04-17Gomes, Roy AlvaroEconomic status of return migrants in Goa: A studySarathChandran, B. P.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTSET
642017-04-17Arlekar, Karuna NarayanYet to be decidedMathew, J.GVM's Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, PondaPTNET
652017-04-17DeSouza, CleraCommercialisation of primary school education in Goa and its impact on publicly funded education systemSawant-Desai, S.P.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTNET
662017-04-17Manerkar, Gouri KantaYet to be decidedSarathChandran, B. P.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTSET
672017-04-13Taylor, FrazerFinancing and delivery of public healthcare services in GoaSawant-Desai, S.P.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTSET
682017-04-13Chopdekar, Preksha PremnathAccounting and financial control of Panchayat in GoaSawant-Desai, S.P.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTNET
692017-04-13Naik, Rohita Raya Isolation and characterization of polential microbes from Chhota Shigri glacier, HimalayaSingh, S.M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFT
702017-04-11ChandanKumarYet to be decidedMandrekar, V.S.HindiFTJRF
712017-04-11Shetgaokar, Rajesh VinayakLabour productivity in organised manufacturing sector: An analysis in post-economic reform period of IndiaNoronha, S.M.EconomicsPTSET
722017-04-10Naik, Ganesh ChandraYet to be decidedMathew, J.GVM's Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, PondaPTM.Phil, NE
732017-04-06Kamat, Ambika VishnuLiterary expressions of the Japanese: American internmentFernandes, A.R.EnglishPTSET
742017-04-04Raikar, Saurabh LaximanInvestigation atudies in reliability based design approuch for machancial systemsPrabhugaonkar, R.Goa Engineering College, PondaFTGate
752017-04-04D'Souza, Luann RomayneSynthesis, characterisaton and applications of coordination networksDhuri, S.N.ChemistryFT
762017-03-30Gawas, Priti DattaramEcological inter-relationship of TDLO and SRB and potential applications of TDLO from salt pans of GoaKerkar, S.BiotechnologyFTJRF
772017-03-30Suja, S.Suspended particulate matter and sediment composition along the Kali estuary, west cost of India: Controlled by source rocks, morphology, damsKessarkar, P.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFT
782017-03-24Kerkar, Anvita UlhasYet to be decidedTripathy, S.C.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTInspire
792016-09-30Wagh, Ramrao SuryaFrom developer centric to learner centric IDE and backKamat, V.V.Computer Science and TechnologyPT
802016-09-30Sahakari, Saurabhi AvadhootVictim rights and justice with special to therapeutic jurisprudenceDaSilva, S.V.M.Vidya Vikas Mandal's G.R. Kare College of Law, MargaoPT
812016-09-30Kamat, Sonia AnantFundamental right to education: A socio legal perspective with reference to the state of GoaDaSilva, S.V.M.Vidya Vikas Mandal's G.R. Kare College of Law, MargaoPTSET
822016-09-30Naik, Nutan LaxmanA study of polymorphism in pharmaceuticals and synthesis of novel oximes and their analogues of biological interestRao, G.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPT
832016-09-30D'Souza, Kevin SavioPotential of culinary tourism as a destination attractionHegde-Desai, P.Management StudiesPT
842016-09-29Fernandes, Liesl MariaPhytochemical and pharmalogical investigation of some plants available in the Western Ghats of IndiaJoshi, A.B.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPT
852016-09-29Fernandes, AdisonAssuring quality of pharmaceticals through impurity profilingPai, P.N.S.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPTGATE
862016-09-29Salgaonkar, Manoj DemuEffect of rare-earth doping on structural, magnetic and electrical properties of transition metal ferrite nanoparticlesTangsali, R.B.PhysicsPT
872016-09-29Lobo, Jervin ZenSome problems in delay differential equationsValaulikar, Y.S.MathematicsPTJRF
882016-09-29Bandolkar, Krishnakumar NanuA study of regional trade agreements and trade in agricultureSudarsan, P.K.EconomicsPTSET
892016-09-29Naik, Vandana UlhasApplying machine learning in educationKamat, V.V.Computer Science and TechnologyFT
902016-09-29Fadte, Swapnil SureshDesign and implementation of algorithms for speech recognitionPawar, J.D.Computer Science and TechnologyFTGATE
912016-09-28Chacko, RachealCharacterization of fronts and zones in the Indian sector of Southern OceanAnilkumar, N.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFT
922016-09-28Korti, Rohini HanamantDesign and optimization of adaptive filter for wireless communicationVirani, H.G.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
932016-09-28Pawaskar, Manasi MaheshEvaluating the potential of hypersaline bacteria in the production of biopesticide against insect/microbial crop pestKerkar, S.BiotechnologyFT
942016-09-28Naik, Sweta Subhashहिंदी उपन्यासों में आदिवासी विमर्श [Hindi Upanyaso Mein Aadhivasi Vimarsh]Mandrekar, V.S.HindiPT
952016-09-28Bincy, P.K.Flexure response to rifting and sedimentation in western continental margin of IndiaPandey, D.K.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFT
962016-09-27VikashKumarPast inter-hemispheric teleconnection between Indian monsoon and Southern Ocean and Indian OceanTiwari, M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFTNET
972016-09-27VaidyaRaj, X.Developing and testing of pictogram and written information for medication usage for patients in Indian settingsJoshi, M.P.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPT
982016-09-27Naik, Poonam PrakashPriority sector lending by commercial banks: A study with reference to GoaGaonkar, R.R.MES College of Arts and Commerce, ZuarinagarPTSET
992016-09-27Salkar, Kapil YeshwantStudy of structural, electrical, magnetic and optical properties of dilute magnetic semiconductor nanoparticlesTangsali, R.B.PhysicsFT
1002016-09-24Gaitonde, Jaya Venktesh Some theoretical studies on optical field effect transistorLohani, R.B.Goa Engineering College, PondaFT
1012016-09-23Bhagat, Pradnya PrakashContext aware cross domain recommender systemsPawar, J.D.Computer Science and TechnologyFTGATE
1022016-09-23Naik, Satyawan SagunThe roll of opinion poll in strengthning Konkani identityBhembre, U.KonkaniPTNET
1032016-09-23Crasto, JessyYoung windoehood: Restructuring identityPatil, R.B.MES College of Arts and Commerce, ZuarinagarPTSET
1042016-09-23Lotlikar, Sandeep Somnathकाशीनाथ सिंह के कथा साहित्य का सामाजिक अन्य सांस्कृतिक विषय [Kashinath Singh ke Katha Sahitya ka Samajik Anya Sanskrutik Vishay]Khan, I.B.HindiPTSET
1052016-09-22Sangeeta, K.A study of contract labour in manufacturing industries in GoaNoronha, S.M.EconomicsPTSET
1062016-09-21Shaikh, Neha SalimStudy on variabilty of planetary boundary layer (PBL), associated aerosol dynamics and resultant radiative forcing: Analysis from in-situ and satellite dataMenon, H.B.Marine SciencesFT
1072016-09-20Harmalkar Sarvesh ShyamSynthesis, characterisation and reactivity studies of first and second raw transiton metal based biomimetic catalysisDhuri, S.N.ChemistryFT
1082016-09-20Harmalkar, Dinesh ShamYet to be decidedDhuri, S.N.ChemistryFT
1092016-09-20Jog, Deepti RajaramStakeholder responsibility for sustainability and support for tourismMekoth, N.Management StudiesPTM.Phil.
1102016-09-19Shreeharsha, N. InavalliA Critical study of right to food in india with special reference to state of GoaDaSilva, S.V.M.Vidya Vikas Mandal's G.R. Kare College of Law, MargaoPTNET
1112016-09-19Kuwelkar, Sonia SantoshOptimization of routing protocols in wireless sensor networks for smart city applicationsVirani, H.G.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1122016-09-19Malik, Samiksha VassudevStudy of antisite disorder in Heusler alloysPriolkar, K.R.PhysicsFT
1132016-09-19Almeida, RochelleUltara high performance concreteGupta, K.G.Goa Engineering College, PondaFTGATE
1142016-09-19Parsekar, Neha UdaySythetic, spectroscopic, thermal and structural investigations of coordination networksSrinivasan, B.R.ChemistryFT
1152016-09-16Pai, Sunay PundalikIn the area of industrial engineeringPrabhugaonkar, R.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1162016-09-15Mandrekar, Ketan SharadSynthetic studies in bioactive oxygen and nitrogen heterocycleTilve, S.G.ChemistryFT
1172016-09-15Singh, Ajit TapendraHydrological and hydrochemical characteristics of Chandra Basin glaciersLaluraj, C.M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFT
1182016-09-15Gupta, IbhaLocating crossover fiction in childrens literature: A critical studyBhat, K.S.EnglishFT
1192016-09-15Parab, Narayan DattaramA study of financial and economic factors affecting stock returns: Evidence from IndiaReddy, Y.V.CommercePTSET
1202016-09-15Mhaldar, Shashank NitinDiatereo and Enanhoselective synthesis of alkaloide containing pyrrolidine and piperidine MAHFTilve, S.G.ChemistryFT
1212016-09-12Naik, Mohini NarendraDesign and optimization of microstrip patch antenna for wireless applicationsVirani, H.G.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1222016-09-12Shenvi, Nayana NarayanPredictive modeling of total electron content data in the ionosphere using machine learning techniquesVirani, H.G.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1232016-09-08Amonkar, Vassudev Anant SinaiThe Information Technology Act, 2000 (As Amended by Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2008) and Privacy: A critique of the efficacy of the legal frameworkColvalkar, N.S.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiFT
1242016-02-29Raykar, Suneeta SadanandInternet ready power network analyzer for power quality monitoringShet, V.N.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1252016-02-29Pandit, Sonali DattatrayaController dengri using FPGA for a switch mode consvator with its performance analysisShet, V.N.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1262016-02-29Anudevi, S.Performance analysis of distribution system with DG unitsShet, V.N.Goa Engineering College, PondaFT
1272016-02-29Mahaddalkar, Sangeeta LaxmikantComparative analysis of power quality using wavelet transformShet, V.N.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1282016-02-26Tom, Albino SimpleCasino customer behaviourMekoth, N.Management StudiesPT
1292016-02-25Shaikh, ShabnamFunctioning of civil court with respect to matrimorial matters in Goa: A critical studyColvalkar, N.S.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPT
1302016-02-25Rathore, MeenaMicrobial diversity of Patsio glacier of HimalayaSingh, S.M.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaPTGATE
1312016-02-24Fernandes, Bravo Da Costa Maria De Lourdes FatimaFood history of Goa: Reasearching its multi-faceted aspects from mid-nineteenth century up to 1961Dias, R.A.Govt. College of Arts Science & Commerce, QuepemFT
1322016-02-24Gomes, Natasha MariaLes Méthodes de Français en Inde: Conceptualisation et création des ressources pédagogique Wagle, A.French and Francophone StudiesFTNET
1332016-02-24Albuquerque, Marina FatimaBioprospecting cashews for microorganisms useful in feni and wine fermentations and other biotechnological applicationsKamat, N.M.BotanyPTNET
1342016-02-22Bhat, Rupali RaghuchandraEconomics of health and development in IndiaMukhopadhyay, P.EconomicsPTSET
1352016-02-22Dsena, JessicaLa Gastronomie à travers la littérature FrançaiseWagle, A.French and Francophone StudiesFTNET
1362016-02-22Pal, SheelaBiotreatment of turbid drinking water polluted in mining belt of Goa using microbial bioremediatin techniquesKamat, N.M.BotanyFTNET
1372016-02-22Nair, Anjali M.Wave spectral evolution in shallow and intermediate water depth at select coastal regions of IndiaSanilkumar, V.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPTNET
1382016-02-16Rane, Ajeetsingh WamanraoImperatives of strike as a potent alternative to industrial dispute redressal mechanism: A critical study on capital-labour industrial relationship in GoaColvalkar, N.S.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiFT
1392016-02-16Sharma, Sundaramरतिकालीन भक्ती-साहित्य का अनुशिलन [Reetikaleen Bhakti Sahitya ka Anusheelan]Mishra, R.N.HindiFTM.Phil.
1402016-02-15Naik, Smita NamdeoLast glacial to Holocene change in carbonate ion content of deep waters of the eastern Arabian SeaNaik, S.S.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPTNET
1412016-02-09Bindal, ManikaGeometry processing and its applicationKamat, V.V.Computer Science and TechnologyFTNET
1422016-02-04Costa, Arthur SalvadorAn empirical study of mutual fund as an investment vehicle of wealth management and its impact on individual investors in the state of GoaRodrigues, A.Fr. Agnel College of Arts and Commerce, Pilar GoaPT
1432016-02-03Kaithwar, AmrataField and Laboratory culturing studies to understand benthic foraminiferal responsse to varying oxygen levelsSaraswat, R.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaFTJRF
1442015-11-02Jakhalekar, Shriraj ShridharStudies on reproduction and chemical defence of selected marine spongesThakur, N.L.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula
1452015-10-01Parulekar, Dattesh DamodarFrom coercive humanitarian intervention to a responsibility to protect (R2P): The doctrine and politics of muscular humanitarianism in the post cold war eraGangopadhay, A.Latin American StudiesPTNET
1462015-09-30Amonkar, Ankeeta AshokCharacteristics and genesis of valcano-genic and associated hydrothermal material from central Indian Ocean basinIyer, S.D.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPT
1472015-09-30Singha, PabitraSeismicity and velocity structure of the Andaman Sea using passive seismic experimentDewangan, P.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPTGATE
1482015-09-30Dias, Albertina BalbinaQuantification and seasonal variation of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in the coastal and Estuarine waters off GoaKurian, S.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPT
1492015-09-29Bhandare, Vithal RajendraYet to be decidedRao, G.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPTGATE
1502015-09-29Tiwari, Prabha KumariEffect of temperature and nutrients on physiological behaviour in fresh and marine water Nostoc sp.: A comparative studySharma, P.K.BotanyFT
1512015-09-29Parobo, Parag DattaGomantak Maratha Samaj: Identity, consciousness and modernity in western IndiaDias, R.A.Govt. College of Arts Science & Commerce, QuepemPTSET
1522015-09-29Gomes, Luis Xavierमोनसिनियोर सेबास्तियांव रुदोल्फ दालगाद हांचें कोंकणी भाशेक योगदान: एक चिकित्सक अभ्यास [Monsinior Sebastiyamv Rudolf Dalgad hanche Konkani bhashek yogadan: Ek chikitsak abhyas]Bhembre, U.KonkaniPTNET
1532015-09-28Bhat, Geetha Shastri SripadLiving in the interregnum: A study of select fictional narratives of Nadine GordimerFernandes, A.R.EnglishPT
1542015-09-28Aiya, Hemant Balkrishna??-????????-??Mangutkar, A.Govt. College of Arts Science & Commerce, QuepemPT
1552015-09-28Murkunde, Rama Dinkarअंकर : कोंकणी कथा-कादंबरीचा संदर्भ - एक भासवैज्ञानिक अभ्यास [Annkar: Konkani Katha Kadambaricha Sanborth ek Bhasvigyanik Abhyas] Bhembre, U.KonkaniPTNET
1562015-09-28Fernandes, ValerieConsumer behaivour: Reverse consumer socialisationMekoth, N.Management StudiesPTNET
1572015-09-28Bhat, Mithila SubhashStudies on brachyuran crabs and molluscs along Chapora and Sal estuaries of Goa, West coast of IndiaRivonker, C.U.Marine SciencesFT
1582015-09-28Furtado, Razia Maria Angela Julieta De LoyolaMachine vision and learningKamat, V.V.Computer Science and TechnologyPT
1592015-09-28Sakhardande, Milind JaiwantFacility location with optimal supply chain perfomance measures in developing countries: Issues and challengesPrabhugaonkar, R.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1602015-09-28Mahesh, CaisucarMulti-attribute decision making approaches in new product design and developmentPrabhugaonkar, R.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
1612015-09-28Dhawaskar, Poornima KeshavUnderstanding plume-ridge interaction along the central Indian ridge: A petrotectonic approachMahender, K.Earth SciencePTNET
1622015-09-28Nagvenkar, Dattaprasad SureshClinical waste management and effectiveness of and implimentation of bio-medical waste rules in state of Goa: Linking of science and lawPrasad, M.R.K.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPT
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1662015-09-24Asolkar, Shubhangi Anant???????????-?????E??Mangutkar, A.Govt. College of Arts Science & Commerce, QuepemPT
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1682015-09-24Charanarur, PanemData fusion for mimo systems: Case study in data communicationGad, R.S.ElectronicsFTNETVisvesvaraya PhD scheme
1692015-09-24Prabhu, Yogini VenkataramanSmart agrofarming based on optimized wireless sensor networkParab, J.S.ElectronicsFTVisvesvaraya PhD scheme
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1712015-09-23Narvenkar, Rajeev HarishchandraA study of value, satisfaction and behavioral intentions of adventure tourists participating in hard adventure activityDayanand, M.S.Management StudiesPTNET
1722015-09-23Kolte, Rutuja RajendraTaxonomy and distributional studies on herbaceous endemic plants of lateritic plateaus of northern western ghatsJanarthanam, M.K.BotanyFT
1732015-09-23Dabolkar, SujataBioprospecting of promising local environmental samples for biogenic secondary gold biominerals and associated biotechnologically useful microbiotaKamat, N.M.BotanyFTUGC National OBC Fellowship
1742015-09-23Adhikari, ArjunCoupling of coastal hydrodynamics and bio-optical color components in a tropical estuarine ecosystemMenon, H.B.Marine SciencesFT
1752015-09-23Sequeira, Marlon DariusEstimation of glucose using fixed wavelength light sourcesNaik, G.M.ElectronicsFTVisvesvaraya PhD scheme
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1932015-09-09Pacheco, Zamila ElisiaTourism sector, entrepreneurs and quality of life: An empirical StudySubhash, K.B.CommercePT
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1952015-09-04Naik, Aditi VenkateshAn intergrated approach to determine the bioefficacy and in-vitro regeneration of medicinal plant Annona muricata L. (Annonaceae)Krishnan, S.BotanyFT
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2062015-02-12Jirage, Rajashree RamchandraGreen synthesis, characterisation and biological evaluation of some anti-cancerous nano-particles from herbsJoshi, A.B.Goa College of Pharmacy, PanajiPT
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2312015-02-09MrinaliniAn integrated study of gold flows on Indian marketSriRam, P.CommerceFT
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2462014-10-17Gaonkar, Palia TukaramImplementaion of ICT in language and literatureFernandes, A.R.EnglishFTNETGoa University Research Scholarship
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2482014-10-07Wallenius, Marja LiisaA tale of two countries: A comparative study of partition literature of India and FinlandBhat, K.S.EnglishFT
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2512014-09-30NishaGanganRepresentation of Tracema and survival in select post 9/11 fictionBhat, K.S.EnglishPTNETJRF
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2552014-09-29Gaonkar, Vaishali NarayanStudy of Mn based magnetic antiperovskite materialsPriolkar, K.R.PhysicsFT
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2572014-09-29Majik, Sandip ArjunThe serpent cult, sacred groves and ecological heritage of Goa: A historical analysisBhat, N.S.HistoryPT
2582014-09-29PoojaKumariImpact of foreign investment on Indian economy: A sectoral studySriRam, P.CommerceFT
2592014-09-29Kurpad, Mythili RameshAnalysis of impact of exchange rate regime in emerging economicsAnjanaRaju, G.CommerceFT
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2622014-09-27D'Souza, Brian SavioTopological & combinatorial study of knots and linksJayanthan, A.J.MathematicsPTNET
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2642014-09-26Faria, NicolaCharacterization of virus from hot springGhadi, S.C.BiotechnologyFT
2652014-09-26Faria, SanchilianaAn analysis of contribution of fishing industry in Goa's economic developmentKamat, M.S.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTSET
2662014-09-26Virkar, Anjali RajendraPrivate public partnership in road transport management in GoaMallya, P.D.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoPTSET
2672014-09-26Fernandes, Alisha EufemiaComparative studies on diversity and distribution of mesozooplankton in Chapora and Sal rivers of GoaPai, I.K.ZoologyPT
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2692014-09-26Chari, Sushant GanpatA study of the behaviour of stock prices in Indian stock market using sentiment analysis of publicly available informationHegde-Desai, P.Management StudiesPTNET
2702014-09-26Kerkar, Puja PareshStock Index Futures market in India derivatives marketsSriRam, P.CommerceFT
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2772014-09-25Sankpal, Nila MadhukarInfluence of organic matter on the distribution of mercury in Mandovi-Zuari estuarine systems of Goa, west coast of IndiaMatta, V.M.Marine SciencesFT
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2792014-09-25Shenvy, Balaji SudasParty politics and in Goa: Analyses of institutions and social dimensionsTripathi, R.Political SciencePT
2802014-09-25Naik, Sonali AvdhutProtection of victims in trial of sexual offences in India: A critical legal study, with special reference to the State of GoaPrasad, M.R.K.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPTNET
2812014-09-25Jalal, Pradeep Rangrao???????????Tripathi, O.P.Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science, Margao
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2852014-09-24Kolamker, Prachi PremanandA study of impact of corporate governance practices on performance of selected industries in IndiaSriRam, P.CommercePTSET
2862014-09-24Chari, Vishnu RamaConducting polymer-carbon nanoparticles composite thin films as catalyst surfaces for electrochemical oxidation of anodic fuels such as methanol and ethanol for fuel cell applicationsShirsat, R.N.ChemistryFT
2872014-09-24Naik, Deepali GurudasA study of agricultural financing in IndiaSriRam, P.CommercePTSET
2882014-09-24Vasta, Sushmeeta SuhasEconomic deprivation, housing circumstances and urban poverty: A case of Goa stateKamat, M.S.Shree Damodar College of Commerce & Economics, MargaoFT
2892014-09-23Prabhu, Tanvi NitinStudies on mine reclamation using Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi and rhizobial bio-inoculantsRodrigues, B.F.BotanyFT
2902014-09-23Palkar, Rutuja SatishDocumentation, biochemical analysis, screening for medicinal properties and molecular phylogency of garcinia species from western ghats of IndiaKrishnan, S.BotanyFT
2912014-09-23Gariyan, Asha LaxmanIsolation & screening of bioflim forming bacteria from mangrove escosystem for treatment of arsenate contaminated waterGarg, S.MicrobiologyPT
2922014-09-22Bandekar, Aradhana SantoshDelay differential equations in single species dynamicsValaulikar, Y.S.MathematicsFT
2932014-09-22Kotwale, Srinet NarendraDelivery of environmental justice: A critical study with special reference to management of hazardous waste in the State of GoaPrasad, M.R.K.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPT
2942014-09-22Shet, Sulochana AshokBiodiversity and industrial potential of pigment producing bacterial from coastal sand dunes of GoaGarg, S.MicrobiologyFT
2952014-09-22Gaonkar, Aniketh ArjunData fusion methods in multivariate systems and relevant applicationGad, R.S.ElectronicsFTVisvesvaraya PhD scheme
2962014-09-22Kerkar, Rahul DamuSolid state and catalytic studies on organic solids and mixed metal oxides nanoparticlesSalker, A.V.ChemistryFT
2972014-09-22Pawar, Vishal MadhukarPolymeric track detectors for neutron and other dosimetric applicationsNadkarni, V.S.ChemistryFT
2982014-09-19Velip, Dhillan MhalgoScreening for efficient Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungal isolates and rhizobial strains for enhancing yield and productivity in local cultivars of Vigna unguiculata (l) Walp (cowpea)Rodrigues, B.F.BotanyFT
2992014-09-19Konge-Randive, Pallavi PrashantSystematic studies on lichens of Cotigao wild life sanctuary GoaJanarthanam, M.K.BotanyFT
3002014-09-19Velip, Bhutnath DhawloRural settlements, land system and agrarian relations in the KonkanRao, N.HistoryFT
3012014-09-19Narvekar, Kedar UmakantStudy of coordination polymers based on amino carboxylic ligandsSrinivasan, B.R.ChemistryFT
3022014-09-18Gaude, Kiran SureshSoil nematode diversity in three wildlife sanctuaries of Goa, IndiaPai, I.K.ZoologyFT
3032014-09-18RemyaMohan P. M.Yet to be decidedLohani, R.B.Goa Engineering College, PondaFT
3042014-09-16Naik, Ballavva TukaramTourism, shacks and the state: A study in sociology of beach tourism in GoaSomayaji, G.SociologyFT
3052014-09-16Fernandes, Maria CineolaHistochemical, biochemical and phylogenetic studies of Strobilanthes species from Goa and adjoining regions Krishnan, S.BotanyFTMaulana Azad Fellowship for Minorities
3062014-09-16ShetVerenkar, Nikita GokuldasScreening, evaluation and characterisation of potential biological and textiledyes of plant originKrishnan, S.BotanyFT
3072014-09-15Pillai, Prabha M.Studies on Strobilanthes Blume mediated vegetation dynamics in forests of the Western Ghats of GoaJanarthanam, M.K.BotanyFT
3082014-09-15Satarkar, Pandharinath Ramnath Yet to be decidedLohani, R.B.Goa Engineering College, PondaPT
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3102014-09-15Nayak, Manjunath TimappaStructural studies of glasses containing magnetic and non-magnetic ionsDesa, J.A.E.PhysicsFT
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3132014-09-11Naik, Bhakti ChandrakantCritical review of the Goa Panchayat Raj Act, 1994 with reference to functioning of Gram Panchayats and Gram Sabhas in the State of GoaPrasad, M.R.K.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPT
3142014-09-11Shirali, Aamod MangeshImpact of hostile witnesses on administration of criminal justice system in India: A critical study with special reference to State of GoaPrasad, M.R.K.V.M. Salgaocar College of Law, PanajiPT
3152014-09-11Choudhary, ShabnamAn integrated approach towards understanding past & present envirnomental conditions from high latitude regionsKhare, N.National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Vasco da GamaFT
3162014-07-28Bhargao, Pooja HanumantraoCoordination polymers: Design, construction and characterizationSrinivasan, B.R.ChemistryFT
3172014-07-28Morajkar, Sudesh ManoharChemistry of polyoxometalate: Synthesis, spectroscipic investigation, structure determination and applicationsSrinivasan, B.R.ChemistryFT
3182014-07-11Tyson, SebastianDiagenetic & paleoclimatic studies on the sediment cores around India: Rock magnetic & geochemical approachNath, B.N.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPTNETJRF
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3202014-06-26Shetgaonkar, Abhijit DigamberStudies in the synthesis of some dendritic polymers and investigation of their propertiesNadkarni, V.S.ChemistryFT
3212014-06-23Modassir, ToobaTalent management strategies & practices with special emphasis on managing high potential talentRamesh, B.CommercePT
3222014-06-10Jeyakanthan, M.Preparation, characterization and study of optical, electrical and magnetic properties of some nano luminescent materialsUmaSubramaniamPhysicsFT
3232014-06-09Desai, Sulaksha RajendraSynthesis of heterocyclic scaffolds as potential drug targetsDesai, V.G.D.M.'s College, MapusaFT
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4752011-11-29Pinto, Raina Maria OliveiraConsumer behaviour towards cause related marketingMekoth, N.Management StudiesPTNET
4762011-11-28Naik, Mayuri MadhukarSynthetic studies of oxygen heterocyclesKamat, V.P.ChemistryFTNET
4772011-11-21Mokshda, Pertaub BhushanFrench language in the corporate sector in India: Identification and assessment of training needs of French language and culture for employement in corporate sector in IndiaWagle, A.French and Francophone StudiesPTNET
4782011-11-15Vetrekar, Narayan TulshidasMultimodal system signal processing: Application to biometricsGad, R.S.ElectronicsFT
4792011-11-15Betkekar, Apurva PremnathThe critical study of post 1990 personal essays in MarathiSavant, V.D.MarathiFT
4802011-11-15George, Sara MahimaCreation of small states in India: the administrative and developmental perspectiveTripathi, R.Political ScienceFTNET
4812011-11-15Vaz, Denisसाख्स्ती क्रिस्तांव बोली: व्याकरोन्निक अभ्यास [Saxtti Kristanv boli: Vykronnik obhyas]Bhembre, U.KonkaniFTNETJRF
4822011-11-14Andrade, Fernanda de XavierCentre-State financial relations: A study with special focus on GoaMukhopadhyay, P.EconomicsPTNET
4832011-11-14Das, Kirti RanjanDiversity of culturable suplhate reducing bacteria in ribander saltern: Potential for synthesis of iron-nanoparticlesKerkar, S.BiotechnologyFTGATE
4842011-11-11Das, Priya BrataEffects of environmental factors on protozooplankton and metazooplankton communities from estuarine to open water system off Goa, Arabian SeaGauns, M.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPT
4852011-11-09Narulkar, Dattaprasad DamuSynthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes along with their role in catalytic and biometic oxidation: Kinetic and mechanistic approachDhuri, S.N.ChemistryFT
4862011-10-14Khandolkar, Savita SagunChemistry of polyoxometalate: Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural characterisation and reactivity studiesSrinivasan, B.R.ChemistryFTNET
4872011-10-13Gawas, Satu GopalSynthesis, study of solid state and spectral properties of substituted Ni-Zn ferrites and their applicationVerenkar, V.M.S.ChemistryFT
4882011-07-08Prabhu, NehaPhosphate solubilisation by alkaliphillic bacteria from coastal ecosystems of GoaGarg, S.MicrobiologyFT
4892011-05-31Narvekar, Mukund VishwanathManaging India's maritime security post 26/11Tripathi, R.Political ScienceFT
4902011-05-12Sumesh, K.G.On the role of air sea interaction parameters in the formation of convection systems over Northern Indian Ocean.RameshKumar, M.R.National Institute of Oceanography, Dona PaulaPTJRF
4912011-03-17Fernandes, Maria CarlosAccumulation and bioavailability of metals in mudflats and mangroves along the south Karnataka coastNayak, G.N.Marine SciencesFTNET
4922009-10-20Mysoremath, VidyasagarTopological study of knot and links and related topicsJayanthan, A.J.MathematicsFT

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