Projects since 2013 (ongoing and completed) at the Department/ School: Zoology
S.No. Project Investigator; Co-investigator Title Funding agency Amount (Rs. in lakhs) Duration
1Desai, P.V.Development of Cell Line for Commercially Available Prawn (Penaeus monodon) Application for Testing Crustacean ViralDST, Goa17.20May 2010 - May 2012
2Desai, P.V.Mass Culture of Hepatopancreatic Cells and Other Cells of Scylla serrata and Isolation of Bioactive CompoundsDBT16.18Jul 2007 - Jul 2010
3Dessai, S.N.Culture and Characterization of Mantle Cells of Paphia malabaricaDST18.50Jan 2009 - Jan 2012
4Pai, I.K.Investigations in Zooplankton Diversity, Distribution Pattern and Documentation in South West Coast of Indian EEZUGC6.90Jan 2010 - Jan 2013
5Roy, R.; Kerkar, S.Development of Alternative Sustainable Fish Feeds to Promote Human Health using Novel Non-conventional Indigenous IngredientsDBT (India); BBSRC (UK)114.00Apr 2016 - Oct 2019
6Roy, R.; Dessai, S.N.Lipidomics of Some Fishes: Control of Inflammatory Disease DBT28.93Aug 2009 - Aug 2012
7Roy, R.Membrane Lipid Bilayer and Osmoregulation: A Study With Gill Epithelial Cells of Mud Crab, Scylla serrataUGC7.36Dec 2008 - Dec 2011
8Roy, R.Mebrane Lipid Phase Behaviour and Cellular FunctionsDST2.00Sep 2006 - Sep 2009
9Roy, R.Effect of Dietary Fish and Meat, as a Source of Lipid on the Alcohol Induced Damage of Liver Cirrhosis in Mice, Mus musculus.STE 4.20Aug 2006 - Aug 2009
10Sawant, N.S.Diversity of Herpetofauna of Goa, Maharashtra and KarnatakaMoEF&CC50.20Jan 2020 - Jan 2023
11Shanbhag, A.B.Assessment of Bird Diversity as the Yardstick to Measure the Ecological Efficiency of Monoculture Forest PlantationCSIR0.91Apr 2007 - Mar 2008
12Shyama, S.K.Genetic Stock Structure of Shevto Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus) across Estuarine and Brackish Water of Goa and Development of Molecular Marker for Quick Identification of Different StocksDSTE, Govt. of Goa3.00Apr 2018 - Apr 2019
13Shyama, S.K.Genotoxicity Investigations of Magentic Nanoparticles (MNPs) in Mammalian cells (as a part of a joint interdisciplinary project Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Functionalised Nanomaterials) DST (Nano Mission)260.90Sep 2010 - Sep 2013
14Shyama, S.K.Genotoxicity Studies on Field Populations of Commercially Important Fin Fishes and Shellfishes of Central West Coast of IndiaMoES15.89Jun 2010 - Jun 2013
15Shyama, S.K.Evaluation of the Genotoxic Effect of Ionizing Radiation in Somatic Germinal Cells of FishesDAE36.00May 2009 - May 2012