Projects handled by Prof. Rodrigues, B.F. either as Investigator or Co-investigator
S.No. Project title Funding agency Amount (Rs. in lakhs) Duration
1To develop an fungalbiofertilizer for Cocos nucifera (Coconut) (Consultancy)Deejay Coconut Farm Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru1.27Oct 2021 - Apr 2022
2Vegetation survey of Bordem Plateau, North Goa (Consultancy)Vithu Satelkar, Moira, Bardez, Goa0.16Sep 2021 - Sep 2021
3Mangrove Mapping of Coast of GoaSAC14.79Apr 2019 - Mar 2021
4Screening for Efficient Microbial Consortium for Yield Improvement in Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.DSTE, Govt. of Goa11.15Jun 2017 - Jun 2020
5Retrieval of Biophysical Parameters in Part of Western Ghats using GISATSAC-ISRO15.41Apr 2017 - Mar 2019
6Monitoring and Evaluation of Plantations under CAMPA in the State of GoaForest Department, Govern2.63Jul 2016 - May 2017
7Bio-Physical Characterization and Site Suitability Analysis for Indian Mangroves (PRACRITI Phase-II Programme)ISRO, Ahmedabad 20.00Apr 2014 - Mar 2017
8Establishment and Ex-Situ Conservation of Pure Germplasm Resources of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi Isolated from Wild and Cultivated Ornamental Flowering Plants of Goa and Their Assessment to Formulate Efficient AM Bioinoculants for Ornamental PDST9.44Dec 2008 - Dec 2010
9NEED TITLEFomento Ind.Pvt. Ltd.0.00Feb 2008 - Jan 2010