Programmes (since 2013) organized by the School: Sanskrit, Philosophy and Indic Studies
Programme title Sponsors Duration Level
Philosophy and Literature: Meeting the West(s) and the East(s)" In association with Departments of Portuguese, French and KonkaniInstitute of Philosophy, University of Porto; Instituto Camoes, Goa19-20 Mar 2018Int
Re-Constructing Indian Philosophical Framework: Quest for Decoding MeaningIndian Council of Philosophical Research , New Delhi28-30 Jan 2017Nat
National Seminar on Comparative and Critical Study of the Philosophical Systems, Movements and Religions30 Nov 2015Nat
Study India Program16 Nov 2015Int
International Seminar on World Religions: Enter the Metaphysics – Metaphysical Approach through SymbolsICPR, New Delhi and ICG, Goa25-27 Feb 2015Int