Programmes (since 2013) organized by the School: Shenoi Goembab School of Languages and Literature
Programme title Sponsors Duration Level
Marguerite Duras and the New Novel: A case study of Moderato Cantabile by Dr. Ena Panda, Delhi UniversityGoa University20 Oct - 8 Dec 2021Univ
Music based activities to improve French Oral Expression by Dr. Jaivardhan Singh Rathore, Amity University, Rajasthan Goa University9 Oct 2021Univ
Iconic objects - intercultural perspectives by Dr. Ajay Balaji Vemulapadu, French Referent Tutor for PROFLE+ Online Teacher Training. Goa University4-16 Oct 2021Univ
Oral Business Communication by Ms. Exalta De Araujo, Alliance Francaise, Panjim Goa University27 Sep - 1 Nov 2021Univ
French Short Story in the XIXth century. Decoding the art of storytelling of Guy de Maupassant by Dr. Ena Panda, Delhi UniversityGoa University1 Sep - 30 Oct 2021Univ
Le Québec dans Sa Liberté actuelle by Mr. François Paradis, Director Bureau de Québec. Goa University16 Mar 2021Univ
Art, Actualité et Activisme by Ms. Natasha Gomes Goa University15-17 Mar 2021Univ
Actualité Activisme et Art by Ms. Louise Lecourt - RichardGoa University9 Mar 2021Univ
Faire un Film aujourd’hui en France by Mr. Pierre Filmon, a French Film Director Goa University9 Mar 2021Univ
Notre Dame de Paris, un roman monument by Roshito Cotta and Dr. Irene SilveiraGoa University9 Mar 2021Univ
Interactive session on Creative Commons Licenses by Ms. Natasha Gomes and Ajita DeshmukhGoa University20 Aug 2020Univ
La fête nationaleGoa University14 Jul 2020Univ
Online FDP on 'Enseigner le français avec l’outil de visioconférence' organised by Ms. Natasha Gomes for the teachers of Alliance Française, PanjimGoa University19-20 May 2020Univ
Asynchronous online FDP on creation of Online Content for French organised by Ms. Natasha GomesGoa University29-30 Apr 2020Univ
Gender IQGoa University12 Mar 2020Univ
Le recit Québecois by Prof Mohin Chandna, EFLU, HyderabadGoa University11-13 Mar 2020Univ
Experiences & Challenges in Textbook Contextualisation and Teaching of French as a Foreign Language by Retired Prof. Bertina Nunes de Oliveira, Mondlane University, MozambiqueGoa University25 Feb 2020Univ
Theatre workshop by Marion MadelenatGoa University13-24 Jan 2020Univ
FêtedeNoel Goa University10 Dec 2019Univ
Language in Context - Outreach program by Ms. Natasha Maria Gomes Goa University15 Nov - 7 Dec 2019Univ
Phonetics & Poetry by Dr. Irene SilveiraGoa University26 Sep 2019Univ
Notre Dame de Paris by Dr. Irene Silveira & Ms. Louise Lecourt - RichardGoa University25 Sep 2019Univ
Animation workshop by Mr Sasha Bricler, 3D animation Designer from Miteros Imaces Paris FranceGoa University27 Aug 2019Univ
Inaugural of Espace QuebecGoa University19 Jul 2019Univ
Quebec Literature by Prof. Carlos Bergeron, University of QuebecGoa University17 Jul 2019Univ
Les anglicismes and Quelques sites internet pour l'amelioration du francais by Prof. Carlos Bergeron, University of QuebecGoa University16 Jul 2019Univ
Quebec Culture by Prof. Carlos Bergeron, University of QuebecGoa University15 Jul 2019Univ
Université Régionale d'été Inde 2019Institut Français en Inde, Centre de Linguistique Appliqué, Université de Franche Comté, Alliance Française Inde, Goa University20-24 May 2019Int
Creative writing workshop - Cadres d’or by Prof. Anuradha Wagle, Dr. Irene Silveira, Ms. Natasha Gomes, Ms. Kshama DharwadkarGoa University27 Mar 2019Univ
Semi-Finals: Goa of Idole Indienne 2018, Singing CompetitionIndian Association of Teachers of French18 Aug 2018Nat
Quarter Finals: Goa of Idole Indienne 2018, Singing CompetitionAlliance Francaise and Indian Association of Teachers of French14 Jul 2018State
Inter-departmental Treasure hunt in French and "Goûter Français- crêpes et gateaux"Goa University28 Mar 2018Univ
Quiz and Film Screening on FrancophonyGoa University26-27 Mar 2018Univ
Reading Session on the World Poetry Day: The Woman in PoetryGoa University21 Mar 2018State
Nat. Seminar on Konkani Dialects, Field Linguistics and Konkani Dialects B. B. Borkar Chair in Comparative Literature, Visiting Research Professor Programme, Goa Universitry. 20 Mar 2018Nat
Tradition, Continuity and Change: Goan Society in Transition(s)Goa University 15 Mar 2018State
Release of the Book Titled: Goa Through the Traveller???s LensGoa University15 Mar 2018State
Hindi Literature and CinemaGoa University8-9 Mar 2018Nat
Seminar on Christapuran (??-??Thomas Stephens Konkani Kendra , Porvarim Goa.20 Feb 2018State
15. All Goa Late Shankar Ramani Konkani Poetry Recitation Competition (15?????? ?????-?????? ??-??Konkani Soraspat Mandal16 Feb 2018State
All Goa Adv. Arun Singbal Memorial Quiz Competition (?????-?????? ??-??Konkani Bhasha Mandal. Margaon. Goa.16 Feb 2018State
Lokrang: A Folk Festival (?????B.B. Borkar Chair, VRPP, Goa University14 Feb 2018State
Goa University Campus Cleaning Activities Under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan MissionGoa University9 Feb 2018Univ
VRPP Course Pro 126 ???Methods of Language Documentation??Camoes, I.P.1-14 Feb 2018State
Interaction Programme with Post-Graduate Konkani Students of Mangalore University, Karnataka Sahitya Academi of Karnataka29 Jan 2018State
VRPP Course Pro 122 ???Lusosonia: Post-Colonial Cartographies on Sounds and Memories??Camoes, I.P.15-23 Jan 2018State
Pure Poetry Goa University2 Jan 2018State
Chand Ke Sath Sath Dhalo & Fugadi: A Goan Folk Dances, Student PerformancesGovt. of Goa2 Jan 2018State
VRPP Course Pro 125 ???Heritage(s) of Portuguese Influence in the Indian Ocean Borders??Camoes, I.P.27 Nov - 11 Dec 2017State
College Teachers WorkshopGoa University11 Nov 2017Univ
Seminar on Sculptures and Individual Expression by Jacques Servières (French Sculptor and educator)Goa University1 Oct 2017Univ
Nat. Seminar on Humorous Literature in KonkaniSahitya Academi, New Delhi28 Sep 2017Nat
Refresher Course on Vividha VimarshHRDC1-21 Sep 2017Nat
VRPP Course Pro 124 ???Goa in the Making of the Portuguese Empire (16th ??" 18th Centuries??Camoes, I.P.30 Aug - 8 Sep 2017State
Literary and Cultural Activities by Studenst (Silver Jubilee year)Konkani Soraspot Mandal17 Jul 2017Univ
College Teachers WorkshopGoa University14 Jul 2017Univ
Meet the AuthorSahitya Academi, New Delhi29 Jun 2017Nat
Int. South-East Asia workshop - l'université regionale BELC, Inde, Asie Centrale et Asie du Sud 2017CIEP, Institut Francais22-26 May 2017Int
Seminar on Goa through the travellersGoa University30 Mar 2017State
Seminar on "New Trends in Research: Language Literature and Culture: Analysing French Literature from its Origin to Modern Times." By Dr. Nandita Wagle (Department of Foreign Languages, Savitribai Phule University, Pune)Goa University27 Mar 2017Univ
The new trend in Research : Language , Literature and CultureJointly organized by Faculty of Language and Literature27 Mar 2017State
Seminar on "Relevance of Manoharrai Sardessai’s works today" by Dr.Edith Melo FurtadoGoa University24 Mar 2017Univ
Workshop on "Poetry recitation: French poems by Indians"Goa University24 Mar 2017Univ
Workshop on "Indo-French Music"Goa University24 Mar 2017Univ
Quiz on History of FranceGoa University24 Mar 2017Univ
Seminar on "France and Algeria"Goa University23 Mar 2017Univ
Seminar on "French and Indian Cuisine"Goa University22 Mar 2017Univ
Workshop on "France and Francophonie"Goa University21 Mar 2017Univ
Workshop on "France and Europe"Goa University20 Mar 2017Univ
Srijanatmakta ke Aayam Evam Amritlal Nagar ka SahityaNIO, Goa16-17 Mar 2017Univ
14th All Goa Kavi Shankar Ramani Konkani poetry Recitation Competition Goa University7 Mar 2017State
Challenges in Higher Education in KonkaniGoa University22 Feb 2017State
Seminar on "Music and French Literature" by Dr. Maria Jesùs Pacheco Caballero (University of Seville, Spain)Goa University16 Feb 2017Univ
Poetry of R.V. Pandit : Contribution of Raghunath Vishnu Pandit : A Special Dimention to Konkani PoetryVRPP, Goa University20 Jan 2017State
Workshop on "Life of immigrants in France"Goa University15 Dec 2016Univ
Shakespeare FestivalIMB, Panaji and ICG, Donapaula14-15 Oct 2016State
Contribution of Konkani Literature to Konkani FilmSahitya Akademi- New Delhi and All India Konakani Parishad.7 Oct 2016State
Seminar on "Western Music" by Dr. Maria Jesùs Pacheco Caballero (University of Seville, Spain)Goa University1 Aug 2016Univ
“Life and Literature of B. B. Borkar”on the occasion of Kavi B.B. Borkar AnniversaryVRPP, Goa University8 Jul 2016State
Open Day: Journeé française - Interschool and college outreach program - Creative writing, collage, spelling bee, quiz on French culture, French grammar contestGoa University7 Jul 2016Nat
Talk on "Indo-French collaboration in Education" by Christophe Legris (Institut Français en Inde)Goa University7 Jul 2016Univ
Nat. Seminar on Bhartiya Sant Sahitya: Nave PariprekshSant Sohirobanath Ambiye Chair in Marathi & Dept. of Marathi28-29 Mar 2016Nat
Teacher Training Workshop on Multimedia Tools for French Language Acquisition and TeachingGoa University21 Mar 2016Univ
भीष्म साहनी का साहित्यिक सृजनात्मक आदान [Bhishm Sahani ka Sahityik Srijnatmak Avdan]Kendriya Hindi Nideshalay, Delhi17-19 Feb 2016Nat
College Teachers Workshop28 Jan 2016State
Workshop Portuguese Palaeography27-29 Jan 2016Nat
Paleography Course and Conference25-29 Jan 2016Nat
International Symposium on Goa: Cultures, Languages and Literature19-20 Jan 2016Int
Two day National Bi-lingual Seminar on Women’s Creativity and Trans-creativity World Konkani Centre Mangalore, Kavita Organization Mangalore (with resources from Kerala Konkani Sahitya Akademi)5-6 Nov 2015Nat
Symposium on CBCS pattern in respect to KonkaniGoa University29 Oct 2015State
Workshop on Research Methodology15 Sep 2015Univ
College Teachers Workshop14 Aug 2015State
Konkani Wikipedia: A journeyCentre for Internet and Society, Banglore, Karnataka18 Jul 2015Nat
National Conference on Bonding Pedagogy with Technology and Ethicality: Value addition to teaching of Languages, Literature and Social SciencesUnder UGC XII Plan-Goa University29-30 Jun 2015Nat
Workshop on Translation: Exchanges through Translation: Creative, Trans-creative and Critical writingDirectorate of Official Language, Goa Government, World Konkani Centre, Mangalore, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi26-29 May 2015Univ
Seminar on Contribution of Translation: Taking the Indian Novel into KonkanDirectorate of Official Language, Goa Government, World Konkani Centre, Mangalore, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi25 May 2015Univ
Anuvad-Samvadini: Multi-Lingual Seminar-cum-Translation WorkshopDirectorate of Official Language, Govt. of Goa; World Konkani Centre, Mangalore and Goa University (with Resources from Sahitya Akademi)25-29 May 2015Univ
Indian Association of Teachers of French Workshop on Translating technical texts into FrenchGoa University19-20 Mar 2015Univ
संशोधनाची शास्त्रीय पध्दत: कोंकणीच्या संदर्भात [Sanshodhanchi Shastriya Paddhat: Konkanichya Sandhrbhat]Goa University13 Mar 2015Univ
कोंकणी शुद्धलेखनाचें नेम आनि व्याकरण [Konkani Shuddhalekhanache Nem Ani Vyakaran]Department of Official Language, Govt. of Goa2-3 Mar 2015State
राष्ट्रीय संगोष्ठी: श्रीमती मृदुला सिन्हा का साहित्य: विवेचन एवं विश्लेषण [Nat. Seminar on Smt. Mrudula Sinha Ka Sahitya: Vivechan Evam Vishleshan]Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra26-27 Feb 2015Nat
Workshop for teachers of Portuguese in GoaCLP-Camões, Pangim, ParvatibaiChowgule College20 Feb 2015State
Exhibition to mark the 400 years of the edition of "Peregrination" a book written by FernãoMende Pinto in the XVI CenturyCLP-Camões, Pangim24-28 Nov 2014State
Talk “Great Portuguese Shipwrecks (1194-1991) –When man lost the fight with the sea” by Captain Jose Antonio Rodrigues PereiraCLP-Camões, Pangim8 Nov 2014State
Vimarshika: Nat. Seminar Critical Discourse and WritingWorld Konkani Centre, Mangalore5-6 Nov 2014Nat
Workshop on "Women's Writing" and "French Literature and Cinema" based on the well known French writer Marguerite DurasFrench Embassy in India25-26 Sep 2014Nat
Nat. Seminar on Celebrating Creativity, Commemorating Genius: Glimpses of Goan Writing in English and in TranslationInstitute Menezes Braganza, Panaji9-10 Sep 2014Nat
Workshop for teachers of Portuguese in GoaCLP-Camões, Pangim, Goa Board of Secondary and High Secondary Schools2 Sep 2014State
Anuvadini: Advanced Workshop on TranslationWorld Konkani Centre, Mangalore5-10 May 2014Nat
Goa MattersGoa University30 Apr 2014Univ
Seminar on कोंकणी प्रसार माध्यमं आनि सिनेमा [Koankani Prasar Madhyama Aani Cinema]Goa University21 Mar 2014State
Cynosure-2014Goa University (partial) mostly Sponsorship23 Feb 2014Univ
इक्कीसवी सदी का भारतीय साहित्य [Ekkisavi sadi ka Bhartiya Sahitya]13-14 Feb 2014Nat
Theatre workshop with Philippe Guinet from "Les Passeurs des Mots"Association Passeurs des Mots27-31 Jan 2014Nat
हिंदी एवं कोंकणी कथा साहित्य: तुलनात्मक अध्ययन [Hindi Evam Konkani Katha Sahitya : Tulnatmak Adhyayan]8 Jan 2014Univ
15. युवा कोंकणी साहित्य संमेलन [Yuva Konkani Sahitya Sammelan]Goa Konkani Academy, Panaji14-15 Dec 2013State
Workshop for teachers of Portuguese in GoaGoa University1 Jul 2013State
Workshop on Research Methodology30 Nov -0001Univ